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June 13, 2013

’30 Dairies in 30 Days’ features local farms in virtual tour of Indiana dairy farms

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — The American Dairy Association of Indiana (ADA) has extended an invitation to folks throughout the Hoosier state to visit “30 Dairies in 30 Days” during June’s National Dairy Month.

Sound like a lot of mileage to log? Not to worry – the visits are virtual, part of an innovative web feature found at Launching this on-line element enables the dairy association to extend its reach tremendously, says ADA director of communications Jenni Purcell, RD.

The featured farms in the Decatur County area are Crosby Dairy Farm in Greensburg and Huber Dairy Farm in Saint Paul.

The Crosby family has been milking cows since 1932, when George Crosby’s father bought land outside Greensburg and started a dairy farm. Now, George and his two sons, Tom and Don, milk 60 Holstein and Jersey cows. The Crosbys have accumulated several different properties in the area over the years where they can grow crops and house cattle that aren’t being milked. The main farm and milking parlor were built in 1968. The Crosbys raise their own replacement heifers (young females who will grow up to be milk cows) and steers, which will be used for beef production. The family raises feed for their cattle and are seed dealers for Beck’s Hybrids seed corn.

Huber Dairy Farm has been in existence for 55 years. Three generations work on this family farm in central Indiana. The Hubers have about 70 cows and replacement heifers on the farm. Replacement heifers are young female animals who will become dairy cows when they grow up. The family also raises 900 acres of corn, beans and hay. The family has always tried to work with FFA, 4-H groups and school groups by hosting the groups on the farm and explaining how milk is produced and how the Hubers care for their animals.

“During recent June Dairy Month celebrations, we’ve hosted public brunches at dairy farms around the state,” said Purcell. “Several hundred people attended each of these events, and feedback showed that our guests were fascinated by the various aspects of modern-day dairy farming on family farms.

“But we realized that we were reaching only a fraction of the state’s population through the brunches, and wanted to create a new way to share the stories of our dairy farm families with a greater percentage of the population. ‘30 Dairies in 30 Days’ is the answer.”

The site introduces visitors to 30 Indiana dairy farm families – selected from among the 1300 that milk over 174,000 dairy cows daily. In total, Indiana dairy farms produce 3.8 billion pounds of milk annually, while contributing over $743 million to the state’s economy each year.

An interactive map pinpoints the 30 featured farms located throughout the state. A click of the mouse takes visitors to each and every farm, where the families’ stories and photos are shared. Additional features include favorite recipes, upcoming events, quotes about the farming life, a plethora of fun and surprising dairy facts, and much more.

Other farms featured are:

Wagler Farms, Morgantown

Obert Legacy Dairy, Fort Branch

Troxel Dairy Farm, Hanna

Crystal Valley Dairy Farms, Middlebury

Kuehnert Dairy Farm, Fort Wayne

Rauscher Farms, Huntingburg

Kelsay Farms, Whiteland

Seven Hills Dairy, Goodland

Weaver Dairy Farm, Bennington

Stockwell Farms, Hudson

Schwoeppe Dairy Farm, Huntingburg

Phares Dairy, Albion

Foerg & Forgey River-View Farm, Logansport

Homestead Dairy, Plymouth

Dague Dairy Farms, Kewana

J&A Dairy, Evansville

Hoeing Livestock Farms, Rushville

Jones Robotic Dairy, Star City

Brand Farms, Waterloo

Mills Dairy Farm, Ossian

All Wright Farms, Muncie

Oneeda Farms, Syracuse

Mayhill Holsteins, Fountain City

Knollbrook Farm, Goshen

Kleine Dairy Farm, Cedar Lake

Purdue University Dairy Farm, West Lafayette

Carterly Farms, Thorntown

Hesters Dairy Farm, Walkerton.

“We sincerely hope everyone everywhere in Indiana will take a few minutes to explore ‘30 Dairies in 30 Days,’ learn many new, fun and surprising facts about the Hoosier dairy industry, gather some delicious recipes, and simply enjoy becoming acquainted with several of our dairy farm families,” Purcell said. “You’re all invited!”

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