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June 27, 2014

Finding a fawn: awesome

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If you feel compelled to intervene, call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Keeping a wild animal without the proper permits is illegal. Most people are not trained in animal nutrition and do not know how to raise a wild animal without it developing a dependence on humans. The result is an animal when released later, is unable to survive in the wild.

A list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators and their phone numbers is available online at

TIP For Hot Weather Bird Suet Feeders

Loading the suet feeder and handling bird suet cakes in the summertime is frustrating at best. The hot weather makes the suet cakes feel like you’re trying to work with peanut butter infused with bird seed.

A hot tip… rather a cold tip… put the suet cakes in the freezer. They stay nice and firm when unwrapped, and they aren’t soft and gooey to the touch.

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