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August 16, 2013

Chamber welcomes Denim & Honey to downtown

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – The Greensburg-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce welcomed Denim & Honey to the ranks of downtown businesses with a ribbon cutting and grand opening Monday.

The upscale clothing, accessories and gift store was previously known as Denim 33. When the previous owners, Doug and Jill Rynard, had a child, they decided to sell the store to Jada and James Ogle. Jada worked at Denim 33 one day a week and was excited at the prospect of owning the store. Though she has owned the store for three months, she didn’t hold the official grand opening until renovations were completed.

While on vacation for their one year anniversary, Jada and James visited the Savannah Bee Company. Jada, who was a biology major, fell in love with the different kinds of honey and the vast health benefits that go along with it. While at the Savannah Bee Company, Jada learned many things about bees and honey.

When they returned to Greensburg, Jada set about remodeling the store and preparing it for the grand opening. Many things were changed, including interior design and the inclusion of several kinds of honey and honey products, in addition to new gifts, accessories, home products, and clothing lines. Ogle’s sisters, Carlee and Morgan, also work at the store and were involved in the remodeling.

The interior remodeling was largely completed by Ogle’s friends and family. Most of the new shelving was built with wood salvaged from a fallen Decatur County barn dating back to the 1800s. Among the renovations were a new counter and honey bar built from salvaged wood, new display shelves, a beautifully rustic clothing rack made from an old ladder and pallets, and an old wooden door used as a table.

The store has been known for their selection of quality denim products since opening. Continuing that tradition, Ogle recently started carrying the “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” line, hoping to appeal to a more varied audience. Ogle has been expanding the jewelry, accessories and gift products for the store as well. Another well-known feature of the store is the interesting window display, which Ogle said she tries to change every two weeks.

Denim & Honey carries a variety of honey products, including four different kinds of honey, honey soap of several varieties, honey lip balm, and even edible honeycomb. With the installation of the new honey bar, patrons can taste the different varieties of honey before they purchase it, ensuring that they are pleased with the flavor.

Ogle said none of the honeys receive additional flavoring. Instead, the individual flavors are derived from the area where the bees are located and the flowers from which they obtain their nectar. Ogle carries, Orange Blossom, Sourwood, Tupelo, and Acacia flavored honey in jars of multiple sizes.

All of the honey products that Denim & Honey carries are from the Savannah Bee Company. Ogle stated this was because they have a great reputation in the industry and they have a steady, reliable supply year round.

Ogle said she is excited to be part of the downtown businesses and looks forward to offering unique items and gifts to meet the needs of Greensburg residents. “I’d like to have a store where someone can come find an outfit for a special occasion or the place to go when you need a gift for someone.”

Greensburg-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jeff Emsweller was on hand to assist with the ribbon cutting, as were several member of the Chamber.

The grand opening saw a wonderful turnout with a sizable crowd in attendance to support Ogle’s business venture. The crowd gathered in front of the store while Jada and James Ogle held the oversized Chamber of Commerce scissors to cut the ribbon.

When asked if she would like to speak before cutting the ribbon, Jada said, “Thank you all for coming. I am thrilled to be part of the downtown businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to offering unique and interesting gifts and clothing here in Greensburg.”

Afterward, refreshments were served inside. When guests were leaving, they were offered a honey lollipop with crushed lavender, adorned with a jeans-shaped denim cutout, giving them a memorable treat to commemorate the event.

The Greensburg-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce and her fellow downtown business owners welcome Jada Ogle and Denim & Honey to the downtown area and wish her well in the future.

Denim & Honey is located at 217 North Broadway Street and can be reached for questions or comments at 812-222-2009.

The store’s website is in construction and will soon be found at

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