Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

September 24, 2013

Nipro welcomed public to celebrate 25th anniversary

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — WESTPORT – Employees at the Nipro glass vial production plant outside of Westport welcomed the public to an open house Saturday to celebrate 25 years of operation at the facility.

The festivities started in the parking lot, where a large tent was erected to provide a dining area for guests. Nipro employees prepared grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and a variety of other foods were available.

Some of the different glass vials the Nipro produces were on display and guests had the option of taking an empty vial home as a memento. Information on the history of the factory that began as Wheaton Tubing in 1988 was displayed on bulletin boards outside as well.

Guests were taken on tours of the production area by Nipro employees. During the tour, guests were able to see how the long glass tubes, which are shipped to Nipro from another factory in New Jersey, are converted into different sizes of glass vials to be used for medication.

After the vials are formed and cooled, they are sent to a clean room area protected from dust and contaminates where they are inspected, sorted and packaged. Guests were able to see the light tables used to inspect the vials as workers checked for defects before preparing the product for shipping.

Nipro has numerous long-term employees because they strive to be a company that treats its employees well. The company’s focus has been on quality, for both its products and workforce, since it opened and the success it has seen over the last 25 years speaks for itself.

Nipro extended its gratitude to the local community of Westport for all the support and generosity over the last quarter century. The partnership between the local community and the factory has been beneficial to both parties and seems to be set for another 25 years of steady work and happy employees.

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