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December 7, 2013

Harvest remodel promises new shopping experience

By Brent Brown Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – If for only a moment, visitors to Greensburg’s Harvest Supermarket may well think they’ve entered an entirely different store when passing through the entrance.

And judging by the numerous aesthetic changes and multiple expansions throughout the popular local grocer, it’s easy to see why.

A thorough remodel costing approximately half a million dollars has dramatically changed virtually everything within the store, from the produce section to the brand new shopping carts.

“We wanted to improve the experience of our shoppers,” Harvest Chief Administrative Officer Don Murphy told the Daily News during a visit to the remodeled store earlier this week.

But after nearly a quarter century of operations under the Harvest moniker (the store was previously known as Ranch), why begin such an expansive (and expensive) undertaking now?

“We felt it was time,” Murphy said, who added that more Harvest stores throughout the state are expected to undergo similar facelifts over the next few years.

The itinerary for reaching the family-owned company’s goal of providing the best possible shopping experience for its customers has led to a vastly expanded selection of products in every aisle. The store now has approximately four times as many items in its produce department, which includes several new salad choices and a section devoted entirely to fruit and vegetable juices. Greensburg’s Harvest also offers a bigger variety of vegetables, which are freshly cut in-house, in addition to an expanded selection of fruit.

Similarly enhanced, the store’s meat and deli department is now approximately twice the size it was before, and the remodel has resulted in the grocer having about four times as many freezers as it did prior to the project getting underway.

The changes, according to store staff, are already paying dividends.

“Everyone who walks through the doors is amazed at the improvements,” said store manager John Hunt, who has worked for Harvest for 20 years. “They (the customers) just can’t believe it.”

The numerous changes have also led to an uptick in sales, Hunt said, in addition to making work a more pleasant experience for every associate.

The store’s “Grand Remodel,” as it is being called in its advertising circular, also includes a variety of items on sale to celebrate the store’s new look.

But Murphy and others associated with Harvest are keen to point out that customer service comes first – and no one knows those customers as well as the people who work to make shoppers’ experiences the best they can be.

“We have local people running all our stores,” Don Murphy said. “We like to keep everything as local as possible.”

To that end, several area individuals and businesses lent a hand during the three-month renovation project. Store staff told the Daily News that Rick Adams Plumbing, Johnson’s Commercial Flooring, Inc., Mark Ertl Construction, Danny Lawrence Construction, and J.R. Robbins Electric all contributed in different ways to the remodel.

Former Greensburg Harvest store manager Dave Brown was also thanked for his numerous efforts in making the remodeling process go as smoothly as possible.

The end result, all involved are hoping, is an experience that goes well beyond the obvious new coat of paint.

“Oh, it looks like a new store,” said longtime cashier Irene Schwering enthusiastically.

“It’s made everyone’s job easier,” added Hunt.

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