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June 28, 2013

United Fund supports YMCA summer feeding program

Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – The Decatur County United Fund selected the Summer Food Program as an initiative relative to the current needs within our community.

Statistically in 2012, 37.3 percent of public school students in Decatur County received free school lunches. 10.3 percent of students in Decatur County received reduced price lunches. A total of 47.6 percent of Decatur County public school students received free + reduced price lunches according to Indiana Youth Institute.

The Decatur County Family YMCA and the United Fund have partnered with many community locations in Greensburg and the county to be distribution sites. A total of seven sites are established to serve nutritious, well-rounded meals to children 18 years and younger who might not otherwise receive a meal.

Lunch consists of one serving of milk, meat, bread, and two servings of fruit and/or vegetable and meets the requirements established by the USDA. Diane Hart-Dawson shared, “Not only will serving these meals help hundreds of children get the nutrition they need for good health, but it will also help alleviate the strain on family food budgets when school is out, which in turn will help family income.” This program will allow children to continue to receive one nutritious and well-rounded meal per day. The Decatur County Memorial Hospital is preparing the meals.

Joane Cunningham, United Fund Executive Director, noted “Alleviating hunger is the first and most urgent step needed to help young people thrive. We talk about education, good health, productivity, but the hungry person has no chance, especially the hungry child. $8,000 is committed to this important initiative to help families and children during the summer months.”

Lunches are served on a first come first serve basis. If interested in receiving meals from a site, call Hannah Doerflinger at 812-663-9622 for more information. The following sites are available:

◆ Briarwood Apartments, 810 W Briarwood Way, Greensburg – June 3 to Aug. 2. – (Every Weekday) - 812.663.9622

◆ Alexander’s Trailer Court, 638 Park Road, Greensburg – June 3 – Aug. 2 (Every Weekday) - 812.663.9622

◆ First Christian Church, 425 N Broadway St, Greensburg – Wednesdays in June – 812.663.8488

◆ Bread of Life, 700 E Randall St, Greensburg – Mondays & Wednesdays in June – 812.663.1055

◆ Westport Christian Church, 102 W Mulberry St, Westport – Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays in June, July, August – 812.591.3807

◆ Windermere Apartments, 1300 N Brantwood Dr, Greensburg – Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays in June & July – 812.662.8331

◆ Burney Baptist Church, 1293 S 850 West, Greensburg – June 3 – Aug. 2 (Every Weekday) – 812.663.9622

To learn more about the Decatur County Family YMCA’s Summer Food Program go to

Check out the Decatur County United Fund website at

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