Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 15, 2013

Jenni's top tech recommendations

By Jenni Hanna
Daily News

---- — As the Christmas shopping season begins, it isn’t hard to find a Gift Guide or a ‘Top 10 List’ of best presents for 2013.

There are lists and guides for every age and interest imaginable. Working for a tech company, I’m always particularly interested in the lists that outline the technology-focused items.

After perusing through multiple guides and lists of “Top 10 Tech Gifts,” I found items from a couple of different sites that I thought were interesting. So, I decided to create my own guide of top gadgets. My list includes items that I could actually see myself using. These were pulled mostly from and, and are listed below in no particular order:

Mummy Cord Wrap - $5. If your earbuds are always getting tangled (whose aren’t?), this cord wrap offers a neat way to keep your cords tangle-free. The cutest part is that once the cords are wrapped around this frame, the wrap will look like a mummy.

Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer - $220. One of the more expensive items on this list, the photo printer allows you to print photos straight from your Smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. No more downloading pics to a laptop in order to print. The printer claims to produce clear, high resolution pictures.

iPieces for an Air Hockey Game - $15. Turn your iPad into an air hockey table by downloading an app. Then use these iPieces to shoot the digital puck.

Keychain iPhone Charger - $35. As my phone is getting older, I can tell the battery life is growing shorter. This charger attaches to a keychain and offers an instant 30 percent power boost.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves - $69.99. These gloves have more than a tip to make them touch-screen friendly. These gloves actually have a speaker in the thumb and a mic in the pinky. You’ll look like you’re making the “Call Me” gesture, but you’ll actually be talking via bluetooth.

Camera Wrist Leash - $44.99. With kids, I often find myself taking a camera everywhere in case there is a perfect ‘Kodak moment’. Although many larger cameras have a neck strap, this leash allows you to safely carry a point-and-shoot style camera around your wrist.

Washable Keyboard - $39.99. Made by Logitech, this keyboard has drainage holes that make it easy to hand wash and dry. It’s designed to prevent fading, and each key is rated to last up to five million strokes.

Earmuffs with Built-In Headphones - $35. These items are perfect for when you wish to comfortably listen to music while still keeping your ears warm outside in the cold.

Personalized Watch - $44. Add a favorite picture to the face of your watch. Upload your favorite Instagram shot and pick the color of the band to create a watch all your own.

Heated Mouse - $24.95. For those who are always cold like me, this heated mouse is an incredible invention. While some may not care for the fact that it requires a cord, considering the warmth it offers and the colors it’s available in, this little mouse may just be a dream come true.

Whether or not any of these items end up on your Christmas list this year, may you enjoy this coming holiday of thanks, and amid the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls may you always remember the true meaning of the season.