Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

June 4, 2012

Anytime Fitness co-founders on "Secret Millionaire"

Episode will air June 10 on ABC-TV

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Self-made millionaires Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen are no strangers to hard work. But neither of the co-founders of Anytime Fitness anticipated how emotionally and physically exhausted they'd be following five days of filming an upcoming episode of ABC's "Secret Millionaire."

"It was a grueling, physical week that required 15- to 21-hour days filled with volunteer work, interviews, more work, 100-degree temperatures, and more work," said Runyon.

"The experience opened our eyes to some amazing people who are overcoming

extremely challenging situations," said Mortensen. "At times, it brought tears to our eyes, and it brought us closer together as friends."

On the show, which airs at 7 p.m. June 10 on ABC, Runyon and Mortensen conceal their true identities and do volunteer work for several organizations assisting disadvantaged individuals. Only at the end of show do they reveal who they really are: the millionaire co-founders of the world's largest and fastest-growing fitness club franchise, Anytime Fitness.

To celebrate the company's appearance on national television, local club manager Jared King will be hosting a Secret Millionaire "Viewing Party" and offering special member deals.

The local business will also be serving free smoothies and healthy snacks throughout the show.

The club is located at 1807 North Lincoln Street.

"It safe to say that the people we met had no idea what we were up toÑuntil we told them," said Mortensen. "And the expressions on their faces when we told them that we had some big surprises for them was priceless, something I'll never forget and always cherish."

"The producers did their research and introduced us to organizations with which we immediately formed emotional connections," said Runyon. "In their own unique ways, each of the organizations share Anytime Fitness' goal of transforming lives and improving self-esteem. It was an exhausting experience, but we left with more blisters on our hearts than on our hands."

After the show airs, be sure to visit for a

behind-the-scenes look at Chuck and Dave's experience and the people they

encountered on their journey.