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May 7, 2012

Ever have a "DID" day?

Greensburg — So, you ask, "What is a DID day?" I'll explain that in a moment, but here's my story from a long time ago.

It was a cold blustery day in December 1970. I awoke to find the refrigerator was bare, except for a jar of pickle juice. I could tell this was going to be a DID day. Work wasn't plentiful where I was living and, besides, I really didn't want to live there.

Just living where I was living was enough to cause a person to have a "DID" day. The lack of groceries in the cabinet and refrigerator wasn't helping me have a positive outlook on the day but, I drank some of the pickle juice and then proceeded to "offer-up" my situation to the Lord.

I was not happy with my situation. I wanted to find ministry and yet it seemed to allude me. I wanted to find work to support myself, but it alluded me. Many people today are experiencing the same thing. They can't get a job and they feel they can't change their situation.

Here's something I learned: Discontent is the catalyst for change.

I was discontented with my situation and I was determined to do something about it. I made a phone call to a pastor I had met a few months previous. After some discussion he offered me a job. I advised him that I had no means of transportation nor the money to fund the trip. He said that was not a problem as he would pay for the airfare and have the ticket ready when I arrived at the airport.

Remember, this was a cold, blustery day in December 1970 and I was having a DID day. Through my discontent I found the motivation to change my situation. So can you. Your life may feel cold and blustery and you have nothing but pickle juice to drink. Offer it up to the Lord and dedicate your ways to him and He will make a way for you.

I arrived at the airport, boarded the airplane. It was freezing with snow flurries. When I arrived at my destination in Miami, Florida, it was in the 70s and the sun was shining. My DID day was over and my situation had changed.

Oh, what is a DID day? "Down In the Dumps" Day! You don't have to remain there. Ask God for His grace to get you through and out of your negative situation. I know he will because he has done it for me. Many times.


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