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April 12, 2014

The Port to build Family Life Center

Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — WESTPORT – The Westport Christian Church, or The Port, has started construction on a new family life center adjacent to the church, which is located on the corner of Mulberry and Range Streets.

The Daily News spoke to Minister Mike Bartlett to learn more about the construction and how the church plans to use the new building. The building will be mostly one large room that will be used for multipurpose activities, such as dinners or church events. There will also be two class rooms, a nursery, a small warming kitchen, a small gathering place and restrooms.

Bartlett said he began encouraging church members to start a building program 11 years ago because he knew there would be a need for it in the future.

“When they asked why we needed a new building, I said, ‘We’re going to grow and we’re going to continue to grow’,” Bartlett said.

The Port is taking a smart approach to the construction, planning to complete the building in phases, using only the money they have already collected.

“We’ve been saving money for eleven years. Our goal is to build this building totally debt free,” Bartlett told the Daily News.

Bartlett contacted Building Concepts of Indiana, Inc. The Columbus company is a general contractor that specializes in Post-Frame buildings. He said the contractor understands their goal and is working with them to build as much as they can with the money they have. Building Concepts connected The Port with Borkholder Buildings & Supply, LLC, who are handling the construction of the new Family Life Center.

While construction on the building has been started, there is no definitive end date in sight, According to Bartlett.

“We do not have a date or a timeline scheduled for completion. We’re just basically leaving that up for the Lord,” Bartlett said.

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