Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

March 1, 2014

Dr. Michael Layne: A positive minute, Facing the wind

By Dr. Michael Layne
Daily News

---- — Do you remember those great stories out of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible?

Stories like when Abraham trusted that God would take care of his needs when he was about to sacrifice his son, and at the last second God provided a lamb thus saving his son.

Of course, the story of Noah and his century plus-long work in building an ark in accordance to the plans that God had given him. Through the opposition of the crowd, Noah bucked the world trend and continued to build the ark that would save his family and animals from the great flood that wa to come.

Talk about opposition! What about Moses and his continuing sage of bringing the Children of Israel out of Egypt to freedom? That was a monumental undertaking for sure. These people had been in Egypt for about 400 years and had learned a lot about idolatry which was in direct contrast to what God expected out of His chosen people.

The excitement continues with the story of David who, as a shepherd boy, was called upon to face a giant named Goliath. Goliath laughed at this young man who was facing him with courage. David made it clear that he was coming in the name of the Lord and, we know that one well placed stone from his slingshot did the job.

The lesson learned from those stories, and others, is this: Don’t be afraid of opposition. I learned that principle when I was a kid and learned that a kite rises against the wind. Many times in my life I have found that opposition is problematic, but with God’s help I move forward.

For sure, life is not perfect for any of us, but we gain strength through our struggles if we are willing to learn the lesson that is attached to the opposition of our life.

What is your choice for handling those situations that come against you? It is important to understand that we must be cautious and not make up our own opposition through co-dependency, denial or drama issues that draw us into situations that keep us burdened down and unable to function to our fullest.

Take charge of your life. Face your giants. Know that with God’s help, you can succeed. The choice is yours to make. What’s your choice?

The Most Rev. Michael Layne, PhD, ThD, can be reached at 812-614-2160 or at