Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

August 21, 2013

Columnist eats crow

Pat Smith
Greensburg Daily News

---- — Yes, I’m eating crow this week. Lots of it. First, because I left out the name of William Floyd Deiwert Jr. who played on a winning teams for the Clarksburg Knights. I remember seeing his name and remembering columns about his experience in Korea. Don’t know why I didn’t include it.

Second, thinking that Jerry Lee and Howard Wilkison were wrong when they said Clarksburg Knights were changed to Raiders when Sandusky and Clarksburg combined. I just KNEW they had to be wrong because the schools consolidated in 1968. Turns out that Sandusky and Clarksburg did combine in 1963.

 Thanks to Jerry and Howard, Kathleen Hoeing, Helen Jean Bokleman, Don Mauer, Carolyn and Art Cleland and George Morgan I finally understand what happened. Helen Jean taught at Clarksburg, New Point and Sandusky. She said in 1963 Clarksburg and Sandusky combined. Sandusky having grades one through six and Clarksburg grades seven through twelve.

Kathleen Hoeing talked with Don Mauer, the player who beat Howard Wilkison’s record by 10 points, and he said about the same thing as Helen Jean. Some thought that both schools kept their grade schools while others thought each school kept their grades 1-6. Since it was the high school I was writing about I didn’t pursue that.

George Morgan said when Sandusky and Clarksburg combined in1963-1964 they needed another name. “The school even changed names that year. It was no longer Clarksburg High School, it was now Clarksburg Consolidated Schools. I was in the eighth grade that year, and meeting the new people from the other school was nice. Four years later North Decatur started. And students from New Point and St. Paul joined us. Ours was the first class to graduate from North Decatur. I had really wanted to graduate from Clarksburg like Dad and his brothers, my Mom and her sister.”

Something that everyone agreed on is that the basketball players themselves chose the name Raiders out of loyalty to both schools. Instead of Clarksburg Knights or Sandusky Blackhawks they chose Raiders. Of course, the Raiders lasted only four years until consolidation when the North Decatur Chargers began their outstanding success as a ball team. 

There are cheerleader photographs on the walls of the Clarksburg Fire Station but I didn’t get the years or names. Lo and behold two long-time friends, Claudette Begley and Lois Hull, were both cheerleaders at Clarksburg. I suggest that a bunch of us ask Bill Smith to give another tour when some of those cheerleaders, ball players and former Clarksburg residents can go. I can imagine all of the, “Come look at these,” we’d hear on that tour.

I did learn why the concrete road went to Clarksburg from Greensburg instead of the other towns in Decatur County. Jerry Lee said that it was because the other towns I mentioned in last week’s column had a railroad so in 1929 it seemed fair for this road to go to Clarksburg.

George Morgan said, “It was originally a toll road with three toll booths. From what I heard there was one at the Greensburg end of it, and one in Kingston. The one that was south of Clarksburg later was moved into Fee's field just East of Mom and Dad's house in Clarksburg. We came home from Church on Easter Sunday in 1963 to find that a grass fire had caught the old toll house on fire. It burned to the ground. It hadn't been lived in for many years. It was probably a hired hand's shack who worked for Fees.”

George also said that up until the early 80's the Main Street in Adams was concrete. Blue Ridge , the small town in Rush County, there was still a portion of concrete street. He doesn't know if it’s still concrete, or if they have paved over it by now.

He has a photo of the last little stretch of the old concrete that he took just prior to the county paving it over and promised to send it when he locates it.

Crow doesn’t taste too bad. Will I ever learn everything about Decatur County? No. But I’m sure grateful to readers who know a lot more than I do. Thank goodness they’re willing to help. I’m convinced that people who read this column are the best and smartest of Decatur County.

Taylor Schwering started a petition to build an off-leash, fenced –in dog park. I’ve signed it and hope you will too. Contact Taylor at 812-593-8806 or or online at “City of Greensburg: Supporting an off-leash, fenced-in dog park for the community and their pets.” Taylor has also started a fund at First Federal.