Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

October 23, 2013

Pat's potpourri

By Pat Smith
Daily News

---- — The most moving story I’ve heard in a long time is that of 24 year old 3rd Army Ranger Josh Hargis who was very badly wounded in Afghanistan. In fact, he lost both legs when he stepped on a mine just after four of his fellow soldiers had died. While he was in his hospital bed his commanding officer came to his bedside, assuming him to be barely if at all conscious, and placed a Purple Heart on his chest. But he was conscious enough to raise his arm to give his commanding officer a salute. Talk about patriotism! If anything should give certain people in Washington DC a face filled with shame that would surely be it.

If you live in Decatur County the chances are you will see some people wearing blue polo shirts with 1st Presbyterian, Greensburg, Indiana on them. Members are said to be proud to wear them for several reasons but one is that the members do a lot of work in the community that benefits others. One rather wordy but also wise member of the church said, “There has never been a visible connection between these good services and our wonderful church. The wearing of these embroidered polo shirts during times of helping with missions will broaden awareness of our faithful congregation among the beneficiaries and the community at large, witnessing to just some of the ways we practice love, commitment, and outreach in a manner we hope is pleasing to our Lord.”

I learned that a group of donors, inspired by what they were hearing at some special sessions of members, made donations to purchase the polo shirts for church members. I didn’t see it for myself but have heard that member David Schlemmer modeled the new shirts for the congregation one Sunday and came mighty close to getting a standing ovation.

On the other hand, another group in the same church are said to have come up with a new name for the church. Keeping the First Presbyterian Church name officially but helping the church to become known as “The Church on the Square,” which they believe would describe the big old brick building even better. What do you think? Do you notice the church when on the square or have we all just become so used to it being there that we don’t really see it anymore? I heard someone say that the membership in that church may not be huge but it members sure are a hardworking, creative and faithful bunch.

Hard to believe the music line-up John Pratt has for us at the Chautauqua November 5. Rodney Dillard, Bluegrass lead singer of the Grammy nominated group The Dillard’s, made famous from the appearances on The Andy Griffith Show as the Darling family; Brian O’Neal, lead singer/keyboardist of the group The Bus Boys, made famous by their song The Boys Are Back in Town featured in the Eddie Murphy film 48 Hours; Terry Johnson-lead singer of the famous doo wop group The Flamingo’s, known for “I Only Have Eyes for You;” Lance Hoppen-founding member of the band Orleans, made famous by such hits as “Dance With Me” and “Still the One;” Jann Klose-pop singer and songwriter from NYC, he first made a name for himself appearing in national tours of Tommy, Jekyll and Hyde, and Jesus Christ Superstar. He has released four albums and toured with greats such as Rosanne Cash and Suzanne Vega; Liz Callaway-Emmy award winning and Tony nominated (also sang an Oscar nominated song), she has appeared in Broadway shows, including the original cast of Miss Saigon and the role of Grizabella on Broadway for 5 years. She was the singing voice of female characters in films such as Anya in “Anastasia”, Odette in “The Swan Princess” and Kiara in “The Lion King 2.” Nancy Nevins-lead singer of the band Sweetwater, the historic band who was the first band to play at Woodstock in 1969; Jacqueline Schwab-award winning pianist most known for being the pianist in the documentaries of Ken Burns, including The Civil War. Better mark Nov. 5 on your calendars.

I hear that Rheadawn Metz will read the Crystal ball and Tonya Schofield will read our palms and Polly Matlock will read our head bumps (phrenology), at the party after the Oct. 25 Ghost Walk this weekend. Jeannie Anne Robbins Sturges and Bryan Robbins will play Hansel and Gretel and Sally Robbins will be playing the Wicked Witch. Martha Greive will be the witch story teller for the Children’s Spook Tour party Saturday afternoon. My Goodness! Is all this going to be fun or what! Call 663-2764.