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April 5, 2014

Dr. Michael Layne:

By Dr. Michael Layne
Daily News

---- — “A friendship like love is warm; a love like friendship is steady.”

— St. Thomas Moore

As Lent is winding down, what have you learned? More importantly, what have you learned about yourself?

Sometimes po]eople become incensed when discussing topics and scripture is quoted. Some people think one is a “Bible thumper,” but if you think about life and truly look at the scripture like the book of Proverbs or, Psalms, one soon recognizes humanity and often will see themselves and that is where we tend to dig in our heels.

People have this ability to be in denial of their faults and failures. God knew that and thus He saw the need to send a Svior into this world and give them another chance to find redemption from their sins.

One of the ideas that has been purported is that we are all born inherently good. Sorry folks, but we are not born perfect or all that good. Sure, there is some goodness about many people, but if we were already good then we wouldn’t have a need for a Savior.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says it well: “In Jesus’ fall beneath the weight of the cross, the meaning of his whole life is seen: his voluntary abasement that lifts us up from the depths of our pride. The nature of our pride is also revealed: it is that arrogance which makes us think that we do not need his eternal love, but can be the masters of our own lives. In this rebellion against truth, in this attempt to be our own god, creator, and judge, we call headlong and plunge into self-destruction. The humility of Jesus is the surmounting of our pride; by his abasement he lifts us up. let us allow him to lift us up.”

• Benedict XVI, pp. 34-35

The love our Savior shows toward humanity is like no other. The other leaders of religion certainly have not died for the salvation of people.

How do you view your relationship with God? We really do need to take a survey of our relationship with Him from time to time. Often the problem is that because of broken relationships with others we somehow struggle with the God kind of relationship.

When it comes to a relationship with Him, we can’t compare it to our earthly relationships because of the spiritual nature involved with knowing God.

When we look at the story of Adam and Eve we see a broken relationship due to disobedience. The story of Noah and the flood teaches us that humanity has a tendency to rebel against a positive message and warnings that spiritual preparation is needed.

During the remainder of this Lenten season consider what your relationship with the Lord is like. Is your relationship one that is both warm and steady or, is it off and on?

When I was a pastor, I would often say; “Let me be the first to wish you Merry Christmas.” I knew that I would to see them again in church until then. So, what is your relationship like? Is it hinged on attending worship twice a year? That doesn’t get it done. I know, I have heard it over and over again and again, “I don’t need to attend church to live for God.”

By not attending worship services one is missing out on an integral part of their spirituality. By the way, when you have found the perfect church to attend let me know where it is so I can attend there also.

The church is made up of humans, and we ain’t perfect. Please don’t let that deter you from finding a place of worship and NOW is a great time to get started back to the church. Not everything will be perfect. We in the ministry are not perfect and people in the pews aren’t perfect, but we are forgiven and have been shown mercy.

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