Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

July 17, 2013

Pat's potpourri -- Her week in a nutshell

By Pat Smith
Daily News

---- — My daughter and a friend visited from Baltimore last week from Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning.

We saw two movies at Wolf Theaters. They were impressed with the theater and we all loved the movies “The Heat” and “The Lone Ranger.” I am not sure why The Heat was so funny. After all, it had many guns, many people getting killed and some really foul language, things that I ordinarily dislike, but it was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. The Lone Ranger – well, it had Johnny Depp in it and that made it just fine.

We ate out most of the time. They have some fantastic restaurants in Baltimore so it pleased me how much they enjoyed Mayasari’s Indonesian Grill. My daughter had beef curry, her friend had chicken satay and I had mushroom lo mein. We enjoyed the soup that was served before the meal, and were very impressed with the taste and presentation of what we had ordered. Of course, we had the delicious mango tea. The service was superb as usual. What a pleasure it is to have this restaurant among all of the other places to dine in Greensburg!

After finding a tire was low, we went to Ketchum’s Gulf. The Ketchum men kept Jim’s and my vehicles running for years and they have helped me enormously since Jim’s death. They got right on it, found a nail in the tire and fixed it in record time. Tracey and Linda were impressed with the kind of service they got and that one can get in a smaller community.

*I’ve mentioned about Ian Markham’s trip this summer. Ian, son of Dan and Kem Markham, is a former student at St. Mary’s Elementary in Greensburg and now a senior at Andrean High School in Portage, IN. He is studying in Gatchina, Russia for six weeks while staying with a host family. Arrangements were made by the National Security Language Initiative for Youth program.

He’s studying the Russian language and can already understand some Russian and speak some as well. He recently attended his first Russian Orthodox service (“by choice, not by requirement” said his dad). There are no Roman Catholic churches in Gatchina. Ian has even had a Russian cold which probably doesn’t vary much from the good old American cold. A Russian doctor gave him some meds and he got along just fine. You may remember that Ian won the National Geographic contest for the state of Indiana several times.

* I’ve interviewed many veterans but never an ambulance driver. Paul Herbert was one during World War II. Tom Imel introduced me to Paul and his wife and I immediately asked if I could interview him. He said no but maybe if you see Paul you could encourage him to allow the interview maybe he will relent. I understand that some veterans don’t want to talk about it but family and friends would appreciate it in years to come. See what you can do?

*The Greensburg class of 1953 has been generous to me. They had their 60th reunion recently and got together many times. I’m also a 1953 high school graduate but from Louisville and have seldom attended my own reunions. Dennis and Carol Doerflinger graciously invited me to attend the lunch at the Country Club 10 years ago and again this year. It was such a relaxed and joyful time for members and their mates. Several from the class are deceased and, but we felt that those graduates were with us in spirit.

Marlene Cochran told us that she had a perfect attendance record from the first through the 12th grade. Those attending were furnished with copies of the Class Will that was, of course, overflowing with humor. Marlene willed her daily attendance record, Shirley Konzelman Ryle willed her vim and vigor on the stage during the ball games, Dennis Doerflinger willed his Model “T.” The committee supplied each attendee with a parody on the “Class of 57” by the Statler Brothers. Cleverly written, it told in rhyme what each member of the class had done.

The class sang the school songs including “Pirates, Pirates hats off to thee. Fight, fight, fight for our victory/ Shout to the sky the Pirates war cry the bravest will defy/ Swell that score for old GHS, Loyal sons come show your might/ Fight, fight for old GHS, Vic –tor-ry-Fight! In a way it made me a bit lonesome for my own class mates but on the other hand, I am incredibly grateful that I have been accepted by the class of 53 in my adopted home town.