Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

March 8, 2013

Southern Exposure: Sun, rain, sleet and snow

Tami Wenning
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — The weather is in direct proportion to my mood.

I can’t sound happy and sunny unless it IS sunny outside.

The dogs chewed up the paper that I scribbled some information on about a recent birthday party. I know the birthday celebrant was Joy Jones of Westport. She told me she was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout at a recent gathering at the Westport Methodist Church’s new location.

Around 40 or so friends helped make her birthday even more special by spending time in the fellowship hall. I don’t recall the number of years that she was celebrating and I don’t want to guess at it. If I did remember, she wouldn’t mind me sharing because she is a very active eighty-something that gives a person hope that if they stay active and involved, getting older doesn’t mean sitting in a chair and watching the sun set.

It’s always fun to bump into the Jones clan because they’ve usually just gotten back from some sort of adventure. I think they know the secret to a long and happy life.

There is a certain type of person out there that is a true hero. They don’t really realize it because they are doing what they do because they feel the need inside to help others. God bless all of the first responders and volunteer people we have in our community. I’ve always been impressed with how quickly these folks can arrive on a scene and how much of their own time they put into training so they know what to do when they get there.

They are willing to be on call and jump out of a warm bed and run into a chilly night to help when there is something going on. They leave cool air-conditioning and fight fires when it is already hotter than blazes outside. They put themselves in harm’s way to help anyone in need. Years ago, I remember when volunteers even worked to get a horse out of a pond after it fell through the ice. In a small community like ours, it also happens that you know the person or persons that are involved in whatever the bad event is. I’d like to ask your prayers for those people that respond to the scene of an accident only to find that it is their loved one. It breaks my heart to imagine what that must be like but it gladdens my heart when it doesn’t change that volunteer’s desire to continue helping. This is a thank you to those folks and a reminder that there are those of us who do realize what you do and what you risk. Thank you.  This is also a special hug to Richie and Wade. I’m proud of you guys. You have my sympathy and my admiration.

Okay, class, raise your hand if you’re so tired you can hardly stand it. I was told by my husband that I get this way every year right about now. I love living in Indiana and having all four seasons but this season lasts a wee bit too long.

When I go home, I just want to sit down and then I fall asleep. So what if the laundry in the washing machine has been in there for two days. It will be there when I get my energy back. Crawling out of a warm bed to go exercise at the Y before work seems almost inhumane. Who, in their right mind, thinks that leaving a warm bed to go out in the dark and the cold to exercise is a good idea? I’m pretty sure that extra sleep is as good for a body as exercise. So, if you’re reading this and agreeing with me, hang in there. The sun will shine again. We’re not crazy, it’s the weather — and sooner or later, we’ll be halfway wishing that we didn’t have to mow the grass as often!  

I suppose that a short column is better than no column at all. I want to try to get back in a routine but there’s that tired thing rearing its ugly head. When the sunshine hits me in the face and the joy of spring gets in my blood, I’ll fill the column with all sorts of nonsense. In the meantime, think spring real hard for me, won’t you?