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January 15, 2014

Pat Smith: Pat looks back, by popular demand

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Next week will see the beginning of a series from the 1990s that I was asked by some readers to repeat a series because they didn’t see it or were too young to read it a couple of decades ago. No, not actually a repeat but on the same subject.

The snow and ice slowed me up on getting out to get some fresh research done so one more week is needed before it will be ready.

So this week why don’t we just relax and chat about any number of things that come to mind. For example, Valerie Hash Stephen, wife of attorney Christopher Stephen of the Stephen Legal Group on the south side of the square, posted a video on YouTube and Facebook that you must see if you have the opportunity. Not everyone has the Internet but maybe a relative or friend will bring their laptop to the homes of those who don’t have Internet and share it. It shows North Decatur’s football leagues from the time the youngsters are very young to the present. There is so much more on the video though, including some good music, and I do wish everybody could see it. Just go to YouTube or Facebook and type in NDYFL.

Last Saturday I had lunch with a friend at The Beach and Tike Bar & Grill on the west side of the square. My Three Grilled Cheese with tomato and bacon sandwich with crunchy and seasoned to perfection fries plus fruit on the side was just excellent. The friend I was with had the crab cake which was, he said, the best he’s had in a long time. The waiters were friendly and the lunch was just wonderful. I’ve written about other places to eat on the square or just off the square and it gives me a lot of pleasure to say that while I miss Minears very much, I believe The Beach and Tiki Bar & Grill will give us many good memories now and in years to come. I know that a lot of us miss how the square used to be but it is definitely on the comeback trail. No, it won’t be like it was 40 years ago but it will still be a place we visit, take guests and feel proud. And a few decades from now people will say, “Do you remember that place on the square that …?”

Since I had just come from the Geocache program given by Josh Rutherford at the library Saturday. I got to the west side of the square early so ventured into the Dash for Cash Jewelry Music Pawn shop right next to the Beach & Tike Bar. Mind you now, that’s the second pawn shop I’ve ever been in and they both have been as interesting as all get out. This one has DVDs that will be good to know as soon as I learn how to use the one hooked up with my television. Of course, they have lots of other fascinating stuff too but the best is the yellow yellow bird, cockatiel or cockatoo or something like that. Heis definitely NOT for sale. He has a mirror in his cage that he loves to look into and talk. He may be lonesome so when you go by maybe you could stop in to chat with him for a few minutes. At least, he chatted with me in a most friendly manner.

Geocache? You’ll be hearing more about that as the hobby becomes more popular and as more people learn and know about it. It’s “an outdoor recreational activity, in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called geocaches or caches, anywhere in the world.”

Josh had a display of the waterproof containers he’s used or plans to use for us to look at. Some are tiny and some are maybe 10 x10x3 but all are waterproof. When you find the container you’ll find a logbook to enter the date you found it and you sign it with your code name. After signing the logbook, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it. He showed slides of geocaches all over the world.

Josh is manager of Papa John’s and Geocacheing is one of his hobbies. Josh is originally from the St. Paul area. He said he had not particularly enjoyed the outdoors until he got into Geocacheing and he’s lost quite a bit of weight since doing the walking while pursuing this hobby. More about his finds later.