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June 4, 2013

Taussie’s “Tails”

Greensburg — Finally! I get to write my column.

Yeah, Mom and the Greensburg Daily News have always let Mom’s dogs write on our birthdays. My name is Taussie and my second birthday was May 8, but did I get to write on that very day? No, Mom had other subjects that were more important.

I guess that tells you something about life with Mom. She thinks she knows best about everything and I, being a tiny little 15-pound thing, can hardly overpower her.

Everyone knows that I work pretty hard. Sure, I keep Mom busy at least 18 hours a day just to make sure she stays in shape so we can go do things together. I tell her that I have to go out all day just so she keeps moving by letting me in and out. We go on walks most every day. We have our favorite spots, and Mom says it’s important that everyone “pick up” after their dogs. She’s always prepared to do that, but I almost never drop anything.

Oddly enough, she doesn’t like for me to roll around in anything that smells good because she simply doesn’t understand. She makes these decisions about what smells good and what doesn’t in spite of the fact that everybody knows a dog’s sense of smell is superior to any human’s. I find excellent things to roll around in on our walks, but she turns up her nose at it and makes awful sounds like “blegh.” I try not to show it, but that just tickles the life out of me.

I’m a “Toy Australian Shepherd,” but I’m real, not a toy. Now Aussies, as we’re often called, have ears that the upper half sort of fall forward, if you can picture what I am trying to describe. Well, mine don’t. Sometimes that happens, so my Mom found out, and this cute little pup’s ears just stand right up. That doesn’t change any of my excellent qualities. The people that owned my biological mom and dad put some heavy stuff on my ears to train them to fall forward. Mom didn’t like that and said that if my ears wanted to stand up that was fine with her, ‘cause she liked me just the way I am. So Dr. Hank just took that heavy stuff off and now my cute little ears stand straight up and most everybody still thinks I’m a fine looking pup. Donna, at Dr. Hank’s,  keeps my hair cut short which makes me look pretty svelte, I can tell you.

Do I ever hear about those dogs that came before me! You’d think they were the smartest, most loving, obedient, beautiful dogs on the face of the earth to hear her tell it. They were Dalmatians, and were perfection itself according to Mom. Yes, she’s constantly telling me that Sesha was the most loving, Maggie the most protective, Sequel the most fun loving, Shadow the most loyal, and Fleck the most understanding. I have no idea where I will eventually fit into that picture. She may be coming around soon to thinking I’m worth everything, though; I’ll soon have that nailed.

Last year, when just a pup and didn’t know much about the world, I wrote that everybody loved me. Now I know now that not everybody does. Since you’re reading this, I know that you would love me if you knew me and Mom and her friends love me. That’s all I really need.

Mom can tell you about Dalmatians but didn’t know anything about Aussies until we met up and decided to live together. Now she’s proud to learn that my breed is very trainable and obedient. She read that Australian Shepherds look something like the English Shepherd and the Border Collie and are every bit as smart.

We like to herd, as Mom found out real quick ‘cause I try to herd her around all the time. It’s kinda fun. Yeah, I put my nose against her leg and she – well, she goes “aaahhhhhhh!” I just nearly die laughing.

I always watch for my neighbor dogs to come out because we chase each other up and down the fence. It’s so much fun. I keep squirrels and birds out of the back yard and let everybody going in the alley know that I am watching. Other than that I just go around with Mom and do my best to help her with everything she does.

Well, Mom says my time is up so I’ll tell you more next year when I’m three. Have a good year.


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