Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 16, 2013

A positive minute: Patiently waiting

By Dr. Michael Layne
Daily News

---- — “Trouble and anguish have taken hold on me: Yet thy commandments are my delights.” Psalm 119:143 KJV

How often have you struggled with problems in life? If you’re human and, I assume since you are reading this column, you are. Trouble just seems to visit many people often.

Some folks live in drama filled world moving from one episode to another and, many times the problem isn’t even theirs to be concerned about. If you go on the internet to the social media you will find plenty of life’s drama unfolding on your computer screen.

In everyday life we see people on the streets of our communities and we overhear conversations that just let us know there are situations in this world that are troubling for many people.

Social media reminds me of the backyard on laundry day when I was a child. My grandmother would do the wash and hang it out on a clothes line. The neighbor lady seemed to have the same schedule for doing laundry and, more than once those two ladies would stand at the fence talking about a variety of things. Of course there was plenty of gossip.

What does this say to us? Exactly what the Psalmist is saying; “Trouble and anguish have taken hold on me.” Life really hasn’t changed that much from our ancestors in the way of human exposure to situations.

Sure, we all experience problems. The question is; how well are we dealing with the problem? If all we are doing is complaining about our situation and the problems then we haven’t learned the important lesson of processing our problems and moving on in life.

A problem is really an opportunity to excel in your life. I heard a businessman once tell his lead foreman of his business; “Look, don’t bring me the problem, I know what that is. Being me the solution.”

When faced with a problem, do you look for a solution or just do nothing but, talk about the problem and share it with everyone else instead of spending your energy on a resolution?

The choice really is yours to make. It all depends on the quality of life you want. Do you see yourself working through the ruts of life? There was a sign on a dirt road in Iowa in the early days of automobiles. It said, “Choose your rut wisely. You’ll be in it for the next 20 miles.”

Before the days of paved roads travel was difficult. Maybe you are finding yourself on an old dirt road in life that is filled with ruts. Be careful which rut you get into because you may find yourself not happy about your decision.

The latter portion of today’s scripture says; “Yet thy commandments are my delight. Do you want to have a delightful life? Follow and live by the commandments of the Lord God. You know the ones. They’re called the 10 Commandments.

If you haven’t noticed there is a correlation between the 10 commandments and the cross of Jesus Christ. The first three commands are vertical as they are between us humans and God. The remaining commands are horizontal as they are between each of us and how we treat one another. When you put a vertical line with a horizontal line it forms a cross.

Jesus once said that he didn’t come to do away with the law but, that the law might be fulfilled. He brought the love that was needed to round out the law so we can come to understand grace and its many blessings.

So, the next time you find yourself in the middle of someone else’s drama, step back from it and determine to find the resolution to your own situations.

This Wednesday evening at 6:30, I will be teaching on the Eucharist or, The Lord’s Supper and how important it is to come to the Lord’s Table for spiritual refreshing. We meet at The Fine Grind, 120 E. Washington St, Greensburg. Everyone invited.

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