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November 6, 2013

Bread of Life sets another record

By Merrill Smith
Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – On Monday, October 21, the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen served 382 meals- the most ever in one day.

Quite a bit of growth has occurred since Bread of Life opened in August of 2002, serving just 13 meals that first day. Thanks to the great support from our community and volunteers, we were able to serve all those meals and did not run out of food.

One of our goals at the Bread of Life is to help people get back on their feet financially after losing their job, having health problems or some other unforeseen loss. A good hot meal, encouragement and love have helped lots of our patrons. Some are now volunteers at the kitchen. However, the growth of people in need is hard to understand and unfortunate in our community- but it is real. The Bread of Life will keep on helping because of the caring people in Greensburg and Decatur County. We are well-blessed.

The Bread of Life just started a new fundraiser. We are selling homemade noodles. There are egg noodles prepared by Bread of Life volunteers. You can purchase a one pound bag for $5 or a two pound bag for $10. They are packaged to make nice gifts for the holidays. You can place your order by calling the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 812-663-1055. You can also stop by the soup kitchen on those same days and purchase your noodles.

As a result of the extra food preparation for serving more meals, we are in need of more volunteers. You could help prepare or serve food, or deliver meals by volunteering just once a month. It is fun and you meet new people and feel great when you finish your work. I enjoy delivering meals on the fourth and fifth Wednesday of each month. I experience the true need and appreciation from the patrons. I have made some good friends by simply delivering a meal. Please consider being a volunteer at the Bread of Life. Call 812-662-4887 to learn more.

We have had many businesses help at the Bread of Life by having their employees volunteer at the kitchen while being paid. Some businesses have provided the volunteers for an entire day. Their employees enjoyed working together and it helped build worker morale and unity outside the workplace.

Another need we have for this time of year would be frozen turkeys weighing 12 to 15 pounds each. We have lots of freezer space and need about 50 turkeys. So if you would like to help with this, simply purchase a frozen turkey and bring it to the Bread of Life on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Get the entire family involved and take the kids to the store to let them pick out the frozen turkey and bring it to the soup kitchen. We need the turkeys by November 25.

Chili’s restaurant is having a fundraiser for the Bread of Life on November 21. They will give back 10 percent of your purchase to the Bread of Life on that day. You must present a voucher for this program. Simply a get a free voucher from the soup kitchen or call 812-663-1055 and have us mail you one. They are also available at our website,

Thank you to our volunteers and staff for their very fine work. The Bread of Life Soup Kitchen is truly an example of God’s love at work.

Food for thought from the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen: “Even the smallest job I do today is part of my service to you, Lord. Help my heart to be so filled with your spirit I will rejoice in whatever task is set before me.” –Reverend Billy Graham

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