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June 3, 2013

Clarksburg man charged with Attempted Dealing in Cocaine

Greensburg — A Clarksburg man incarcerated at the Decatur County Jail is alleged to have purchased cocaine from suppliers in Laredo, Texas, for the purpose of sale and distribution locally.

Aaron R. Baughman, 27, of 6891 East County Road 640 North, was arrested late Saturday afternoon and is being held on a $25,000 cash bond, charged with Attempted Dealing in Cocaine, a Class A Felony. As of press time Monday evening, the suspect had yet to post bail.

According to police reports filed in Decatur County Superior Court, Baughman’s troubles began May 29 with a routine traffic stop in Texas by an officer from the Texas Highway Patrol.

The report from that stop states Baughman and his two passengers “were very nervous and gave conflicting stories of travel,” immediately arousing suspicion. The officer asked for and was granted permission to search the vehicle, which ultimately uncovered a receipt for a FedEx package mailed from a Ruben Garza of Laredo, Texas, to Fletcher Baughman at 298 West County Road 650 North, Greensburg.

The reporting officer asked Baughman to exit his vehicle and further noted that “Baughman’s carotid artery was pulsating and he was taking deep breaths. Baughman could not stand still and was constantly moving his arms and legs.”

Although no contraband or illegal substances were found during the Texas traffic stop, the officer suspected the package mailed from Laredo likely contained narcotics or other illicit substances.

The May 29 Texas report states, “Laredo is a known source city for narcotics. The city is on the Texas/Mexico border and a hot zone of Mexican Cartel activities which include the drug trade.”

The officer’s suspicions were sufficient for a call to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department, who also involved the Indiana State Police in the investigation.

According to the Indiana State Police (ISP) report on the matter, early Friday morning, ISP officers obtained the package in question from the FedEx hub in Columbus. The officers took the package to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department, where it was inspected by a K-9 drug-sniffing dog and found positive for drugs or narcotics.

Officers next took the package to the Decatur County prosecutor’s office, who helped obtain a search warrant from Decatur County Superior Court to open and inspect the package.

Among the package’s contents, officers found “a plastic bag containing a white powdery substance and partial compressed white powder substance.”

The powder tested positive for cocaine and was found to weigh 8.3 ounces.

Officers resealed the package and obtained a second search warrant for the package’s delivery address. According to the ISP report, late in the afternoon on Friday, “The package was delivered to 298 West County Road 650 North,” by “the Indiana State Police with the assistance of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.”

After accepting the package, Baughman was arrested and the search warrant executed at the residence. The search uncovered marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a firearm.

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