Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

March 1, 2012

DCMH leaps forward with new project announcements

Robert Cox Jr.
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — GREENSBURG - At its annual meeting and luncheon Wednesday afternoon, Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) announced a new building project, elected board members and offered special recognition to outgoing Hospital Foundation Board president Linda Volk and to the late Del Moeller, a long-time Foundation member and supporter.

DCMH director of community relations, David Fry, talked about the hospital's importance to community health and about the community's importance to the vitality of the hospital.

He praised community volunteers, who do so much, he said, not only for DCMH, but for all of Decatur County.

Fry also briefed the gathering on DCMH's 2011 Annual Report and mentioned the numerous grants the Foundation awarded in 2011.

"Our biggest 2011 grant," he explained, "was a $10,000 award toward DCMH's efforts to give the flu vaccine to as many Decatur County residents as possible."

The $10,000 award, Fry noted, represented one-third of the flu vaccine initiative cost.

Fry also mentioned DCMHÕs daffodil-planting program, which recognizes major sponsors.

"We have 1,800 daffodil's planted so far, and counting." Fry said, "They'll likely bloom early this year with the unusually warm weather."

Connie Million,  director of DCMH's dietary department, spoke briefly about a $5,000 grant her department received in 2011 from the Foundation to implement the ReCharge health and fitness initiative pilot-program in Greensburg Elementary School. That program, Million said, is affiliated with the NFL's Play 60 program, teaching kids about fitness and nutrition.

Million hopes to eventually implement ReCharge throughout Decatur County.

Marcus Allen, head of DCMH's Cardiopulmonary Department, talked about a grant that allowed his department to purchase an infant ventilator.

"We've used the new ventilator five times in the last six months," Marcus said. "Three of those babies were able to remain here at the hospital with their families without need of being transported elsewhere for further care."

DCMH CEO, Linda Simmons, who'll celebrate her first anniversary March 1, formally announced a two-phase building project. The project will add two additional floors to DCMH's current facility, as well as a stand-alone, two-story office building.

Floor three of the new hospital space, Simmons said, will contain new Medical/Surgical and Adolescent Care Units, with completely modernized, fully private patient rooms and showers (the current DCMH facility uses community showers).

Simmons said the proposed office building, which will comprise the second phase of the project, will house oncology, physical therapy and an area for visiting specialists.

DCMH plans to hold the project's official groundbreaking during its upcoming 90th Birthday Celebration this summer.

After Simmons' presentation, Fry announced that 20 rooms of the new Medical/Surgical Unit will be available for personalized naming.

"For a $25,000 contribution," he said, "these 20 private rooms can be named in honor of an individual or a club, business or other organization, with a permanent plaque placed in the room."

Fry also clarified that phase two of the new-building project would proceed provided it proved economically viable.

"We'll have to wait and see how the budget looks," he said.

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