Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN


November 12, 2013

Local veteran recalls time in service


Greensburg —

Speaking of the terrible things that occur during a war led Martin to tell the Daily News of the most gruesome sight he witnessed during World War II. Randall came upon several Philippine guerilla fighters that had captured seven Japanese soldiers. The guerillas had stripped the soldiers and laid them out on the beach. Some of them had been decapitated, while others had been maimed by the loss of their limbs and one had his heart removed and laid on his chest. It was a sight that Martin said he will never forget as long as he lives.

“With war, even when it’s over and done with, you still can’t get it out of your mind,” he added. “It’s a terrible situation to be in.”

Even during the fighting though, Randall was able to find some moments of humor. He was out in the open during an air battle being fought over the lines. He remembers planes being shot down and wings falling everywhere around him, taking out soldiers on the ground. He noticed a house sitting atop a nearby cliff and figured he would be safer there so he maneuvered his way to the shelter. When the bombing finally stopped, he was able to look around the house where he’d sought refuge and discovered it was filled with huge glass bottles.

“If a bomb had hit there, I’d still be picking out glass,” he said, laughing.

Randall denies that his actions while serving the US were brave, though many would likely disagree with him. He maintains that he was just trying to survive, like everyone else out there. He didn’t receive leave while he was serving, but he said he doesn’t regret that.

“I’m proud I served and I’m glad the country is free,” Randall said. “There will never be another country like the USA.”

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