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March 7, 2014

Hospital Foundation grants fund community health programs and services

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) received $12,290.50 in grants from the Hospital Foundation of Decatur County to support programs and services. The funds are raised by the Hospital Foundation through the daffodil project, special events such as the Gala and Golf Outing, and through individual donations and bequests.

Programs receiving funding this round include:

Tree City Medical Partners was awarded $1500 for the purchase of an automatic urine chemistry analyzer. The new equipment will allow for comprehensive point -of-care urinalysis in routine testing, detection of early kidney disease and HCG pregnancy testing to improve clinical decisions. This system can also connect directly into the patient’s electronic health record, providing instant assistance in the analysis process.

The Marketing Department will be saving on outsourcing by taking higher-quality and wide angle photos through the purchase of a fish-eye camera lens and a backdrop. The lens will also allow for virtual tours on the DCMH website and allow for additional artwork throughout the hospital, while the backdrop will enable staff photos to be taken in-house. The department was awarded $500 to make the purchases, with the hope that the money saved by insourcing can be transferred to other marketing options and events. The Hospital Foundation awards small grants of $500 and under to additional projects without counting against the applying department’s per annum limit.

The Marketing department also received $4000 to fund free screenings to the community during the various Healthy Fairs held during the year. This programing provides free healthcare and screenings to those who cannot afford it otherwise, while educating community members on healthier living and lifestyles. The family-fun events encourage community members to take preventative action with their health, and to take advantage of services from DCMH. The Hospital Foundation is a proud sponsor of the community Healthy Fairs each year, and was pleased to learn attendance and participation is increasing each year.

With patient and visitor safety, security, and trust of paramount importance at DCMH, the Hospital Foundation awarded the Security Committee $2090.50 to purchase equipment associated with the new Vendormate Non-employment Tracking System. This program will replace inefficient guest monitoring procedures with computerized kiosks for check-in and badge printing. Patient-related guest will not apply to the system, which will be established to monitor vendors and contracted workers as they enter and exit the facility.

DCMH’s Rehabilitation Services was awarded $4200 to add additional comfort to those suffering from lymphedema. Lymphedema is swelling that commonly occurs with any cancer or treatment for cancer that affects the lymph nodes, and with this funded project DCMH therapists in coordination with the Cancer Care Clinic will be trained in the management of the side effect. Equally, funds will pay for massage therapy services to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

These advancements will enhance the comprehensive treatment offered to cancer patients at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

According to Bryan Robbins, Director of the Hospital Foundation, “The Hospital Foundation felt these projects addressed both community needs and enhanced the services our Hospital and its professionals provide. From patient security, to community health fairs, to the addition of specific therapy services, DCMH continues to advance the health and wellness of our community, and donors to the Hospital Foundation can be proud to be a part of that progress.

The Hospital Foundation Board includes President, Susan Burkhart, Vice-President, Daryl Smith, Secretary, Nancy Sheffer, Treasurer, Cris Reynolds and Board members Cleo Duncan, George Reiger, MarySue McGinn, Joan Eversole, Dr. Mary McCullough and DCMH CEO Linda Simmons.

In upcoming events, the Hospital Foundation’s 7th Annual Gala Fundraiser “South Pacific Sunset” will take place on Friday, April 11th at the Columbus Commons in Columbus. For more information, online reservations, or sponsorship opportunities check out or call the Hospital Foundation at 663-1220.

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