Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 26, 2013

The importance of facts

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dear Editor:

This letter is a response to K.B. Redelman’s letter to the editor on Greensburg resident Hershel Houk’s questions for Mayor Herbert published last week in the Daily News.

Do you know Hershel Houk? It is obvious that you may know the Mayor and/or other people, such as President Obama that you mentioned in your letter to the editor?

While some would say it is admirable that you defend your friends/acquaintances....others would question you defending your “friends” and “acquaintances” come doing right or wrong and with no facts to substantiate what you are saying.

How much do you know about the local issues that Mr. Houk is trying to address?

How many meetings have you attended of the City of Greensburg?

How many issues of the City have you become informed on?

If you consider yourself informed, where are your letters in support for these issues providing factual information?

I can testify that Mr. Houk has attended meetings and watches video of the meetings and is in contact with officials of the State of Indiana on the right or wrong of such issues that he addresses.

I can testify that Mr. Houk has lead an opposition on issues like the City increasing our property tax in the economic tough times we find ourselves in.

People who rent rather than own their property are not prohibited from voting or speaking their mind in this country on issues of importance to them.

I testify to your right to do the same, I merely ask that you start attending meetings and making your presence known so that you can become as informed as Mr. Houk has before you choose to support your friends / acquaintances come right or wrong and with no factual information to support your claims.

Personal “attacks” are just that and have nothing to do with the facts of the issues at hand. Mr. Obama who you mentioned in your letter is a professional politician at this technique and has been quite successful in snowing the public with it.

Many of us would welcome you to come to the meetings and to become informed on the actual issues at hand. Then if you disagree, you disagree, but you will also have some facts to back up what you are saying.

All of us need to start publicly standing up as the next “issue” may be the one that does affect us personally.


Jean Johannigman