Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

February 11, 2014

Celebrating free spirits

Greensburg Daily News

---- — To the Editor:

This may not be relevant, but it aroused my interest. I was at a dance Saturday and there was a young lady there. She loved to dance and she would sing along with almost every song. She seemed to be a fun person and I thought to myself, “There is a free spirit.”

I love free spirits. I have two grandsons who are free spirits, but each in his own way. Some people would say they push the limits, but we need these people who push the limits. They enjoy life in their own way and don’t get too serious.

I raise my glass and toast the young lady and my grandsons and all you free spirits out there. It would be very boring without you.

Ralph Zeigler


Dear Editor:

Opponents of HJR-3 (Indiana ‘s proposed constitutional amendment ) shared their personal stories of hardship and uplifting courage.

Their personal testimony changed many a heart. Supporters of the amendment rely on past fears, old data, and unusual legislative moves to push onward to a vote this fall.

What we are witnessing is a morality play - a Western movie.

The LGBT community and their allies have taken the moral high ground. Legislators who were pro-amendment are now opposed.

It’s time to tell your State Senator to pull the plug on the projector. If we don’t, between now and November, this blockbuster will go on a world tour – damaging Indiana’s reputation as a good place to live and do business.

Herman R. Strumpf