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February 27, 2014

US foreign policy is a mess

Greensburg Daily News

---- — US foreign policy is a mess

Dear Editor:

Our country’s foreign policy is at a low point. In Egypt, our President supports the Muslim Brotherhood, who are terrorists kicked out of power.

Mr. Obama has cut off aid to the caretaker government that has stability. Several state John Kerry wants Israel to give up their land to the Palestinians. Would he like the UN to give New England to Canada and California to Mexico?

In Lebanon and Iraq, we have chaos. In Syria, we locked arms with Putin to get rid of chemical weapons and we dithered on Syria, made false hopes and Assad is stronger than ever.

In Iran, we should increase sanctions instead of base them on their word to cut back on their nuclear program. Iran is playing Obama like a fiddle. It is like a hard criminal telling the police he will be good if turned loose.

All Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did was laugh and John Kerry – let’s make a deal, a bad deal.

The world doesn’t trust us because we spy on our friends. Larry the Cable Guy would do better.

WM Soendlin