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February 6, 2014

Sidestepping Congress has become the norm

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Sidestepping Congress becomes norm

Thursday’s Daily News raised my eyebrows.

The Associated Press reported, “[President] Obama vowed sidestep Congress ‘whenever and wherever’ necessary to narrow economic disparities between rich and poor.”

Apparently Mr. Manus agrees with Obama’s overall approach and I quote: “I think Obama is trying to do what’s right,” and concluded by praising his efforts.

For those of us who have studied history independent of “state sponsored” schooling, it is very apparent that Obama’s hope and change message is a coded message for socialism. And his “Obamacare” insurance boondoggle is the first step for a “one provider” package. This has been the “modus operandi” before complete government control; e.g., Hitler’s Nazi takeover.

I agree with his statement: “I wish they’d quit bickering. Sometimes I wonder, are they in there for the best of the people, or are they in there to be reelected?”

Sadly, this has become prevalent for “career politicians,” especially with all the perks they have, even when leaving office.

This sidestepping of Congress become the “norm” for our current President.

This is more than all previous Presidents combined. Strange, in that Congress was set up to make the laws, with the executive branch’s duties only to ensure the administration of them.

Councilman Meyer has it right that by bypassing Congress, ‘it is not the way to run the presidency or foster cooperation’.

Considering the divisive nature of the Administration, it should be obvious to all citizens, “There are many screws loose in our political machine today.”

I fear for our country’s future if we continue on the present path. However, I remain optimistic, and I do so because of a certain vision given to General Washington on a cold winter day at Valley Forge: To quote in part: “Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union.’”

Edwin Denlinger

Decatur County

No plans to attend

No, I have never been to a Tea Party meeting, and from what I have observed of your elected members and candidates I never will.

Your members’ uncompromising ways and your disastrous shutting down of our government and the idiotic statements and comments of your candidates on social issues leaves me to believe that you are radical.

You people are a minority! You are a minority even within the Republican Party. Yet you have the gall to hold this country and its economic well-being hostage just so you can impose your radical agenda on all of us. Kind of sounds like the Taliban, doesn’t it ?

I do know people who call themselves “Tea Partiers” and consider many of them friends. They all are against social programs and paying taxes. In two instances these people or their family members themselves have had unexpected financial set backs and have had to use the same programs they were opposed to. When asked about this. their comment was “Well, we deserve them.” I agree with them; they do deserve them. But if no one is paying taxes, how do these programs get paid for?


Joe Wietlisbach

Former Republican

Canned deer hunting should remain illegal

Dear Editor:

Once again we see legislation aimed at allowing canned hunting here in Indiana.

Senate Bill 404 sponsored by Senator Carlin Yoder, a Republican from Middlebury, passed out of committee along party line votes last week. It is feared to have a chance of passing as Senator Long, who previously held the Bill, has now allowed it to proceed.

Shooting captive farm-raised deer for money has always been illegal, which is why proponents have made attempts to legalize it in the legislature since 2000. For more than a decade, State Representative Bill Friend, whose business associate was arrested and convicted of selling illegal deer hunts of captive deer in Federal Court, have pushed for legalization of this activity. In 2007 with the blessing of Governor Mitch Daniels, the DNR, through administrative rules, made it crystal clear that Indiana does not allow the hunting of tame farm-raised deer for nothing more than trophy antlers for large sums of money.

Even after the Daniels administration’s action, the canned hunting industry lead by Farm Bureau Inc., has continued to promote and push legislation to allow canned deer hunting. Deer farms have continued to increase despite the 2007 ban on hunts. In 2000, we had 193 people with game breeder permits. In 2007, the number was 237, and since Daniels’ action, it still has risen to 364.

Since 2007, the State has also seen 98 reported captive deer escapes, TB was found in three captive herds, and there was a deer brought from Pennsylvania that had been exposed to a mad cow like disease that escaped and has not been found.

A further injustice is that taxpayers’ and sportsmens’ dollars are being used to compensate deer farmers for deer that had to be destroyed because they were found to have a disease or exposed to a disease. The deer farm industry despite being told “no” still continues to push for canned hunts because that is the only real market that they have, since most consumers won’t pay the high price for deer and do not like its taste as compared to other meats.

Gov. Pence stated in a speech that Hoosiers value and appreciate their animals. Hoosiers need to call and write Gov. Pence, and their State Senators and Representatives and tell them Hoosier values don’t include shooting tame farm raised animals for sport and trophies as this is “neither hunting nor farming.” It is an unfair act. We must stop it from becoming legal.


Doug Allman

Indiana Deer Hunters Association