Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

January 2, 2014

letter to the editor

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dealing with loneliness

Dear Editor:

I am writing about loneliness today.

I know men don’t like to show their feelings, but sometimes you want to talk to someone.

My wife passed away almost two years ago. It was hard, but I tried to keep busy and not dwell on it – but it doesn’t work at night.

The talking and just their presence, the going to bed and putting your arms around the one you love, the feeling that everything is alright with the world…

Even when you know their life is passing away, they are still there and that’s all that matters. You’re reminded of them when you hear their favorite song.

We loved to go dancing and dance to our song, “Dancing in the Dark.” We used to end our dance with “Goodnight, Sweetheart.” I can’t hear those songs and not shed a few tears.

I play golf with men who have also lost their loved ones. I have seen tears many times when they talk about it.

I don’t feel sorry for them; I feel compassion. Everyone needs to talk to someone else sometimes.

I have a dear lady friend who lost her husband, and when I get really lonely I talk to her.

In closing, if you are lonely, find someone to help. Meet for lunch or go do something together.


Ralph M. Zeigler,