Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

June 8, 2012

Let us all promote peace

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Dear Editor:

Concerning a recent video from a church, let me comment on the heart of the matter.

Why would anyone teach a child to sing a song that basically says, "We're right! You're wrong and you're going to hell!" Ñ and then cheer him on enthusiastically? It is because they feel proud and self-righteous. This is not from the Spirit of Christ!

Their own Bible, which they say they honor and believe, does not condone their actions.

Think of Jesus with the woman caught in adultery. Jesus did not condemn her.  It's important to note that he didn't condone her actions, either. He forgave her, and told her to "Go and sin no more." (John 8: 3-11)

To whom did Jesus speak his harshest words? Not to "sinners," but to the proud religious leaders! He called them "white-washed tombs." God hates pride! (Proverbs 6: 16-19)

The proud people on that video have misrepresented Christianity. They have given the world an excuse to be prejudiced against believers; they have given fuel to the fire of religious persecution of Christians. They have harmed the cause of religious freedom.

True Christians know that they are just sinners saved by grace, and they have no room for self-righteous pride. God is holy; His standard is perfection; none of us measure up.

As a person who has read, studied and believed the Bible for years, it seems evident to me that the Bible promotes marriage as between one man and one woman.

The Bible, as a whole, supports the idea that homosexual acts are unnatural and unacceptable to God (Genesis 2: 18-24: Leviticus 18:22; Mark 10: 6-8) Ñ but that doesn't give anyone a reason to yell slurs at another person. The Bible also says that heterosexual sex outside of marriage is wrong. In fact, Jesus said that just thinking lustfully about adultery is wrong. Read Jesus' words in Matthew 5,6,7 and you will see how high God's standards are.

Jesus basically said that people think they are good if they haven't murdered someone, but that even an ugly word said in anger puts a person in danger of God's judgment.  Who has never said an angry word? Who can live up to God's standards? No one!

That is why there is no room for self-righteous pride in any of us. We all need God's mercy.

The good news is that God loves all the people of this world so much that He came in the person of His son, Jesus Christ, and He Himself paid the penalty for all our offenses. He did this because He wanted to make a way for us to live in peace with Him. What amazing love! True believers speak not words of condemnation, but the good news of God's love and His desire for reconciliation and a relationship with all.

I humbly call on the proud, self-righteous people in the video to repent and apologize.

To my dear neighbors and friends who don't believe in the Bible, I humbly say: Please realize that what these proud people have done does not reflect the Spirit of Christ. Do not jump to conclusions about all Christians because of the actions of a few self-righteous church-goers.  Many Christians do love people with whom we respectfully disagree. Many of us are humble and peaceful people. Remember that tolerance should go both ways, so if you don't agree, please don't threaten those who believe the Bible; don't call all believers hate-mongers. Don't push for laws that limit the freedom of those of us who believe the Holy Bible. Let us all promote peace.

Katherine Kress