Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

March 20, 2014

America needs a spiritual awakening

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dear Editor:

America is mired in the cesspool of serious immorality.

Various leaders and even so called “liberal clergy” endorse these evils.

The Bible warns of wolves in sheep’s clothing and nations that shun God by turning our backs on God will be punished.

God loves sinners but hates sin.

I applaud Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and State Senator Mike Delph for not giving in our Christian values, but holding strong for their beliefs in the Bible.

Look at America, no longer a great nation, but weak in the world’s eyes. Gays are honored while Christians and veterans are pushed down. The ACLU has hurt us.

We need a real spiritual awakening in our country. We need to take Acts 2:37-42 very seriously.

William Soendlin