Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

October 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Difference between wants and needs

Dear Editor:

For the last eight years I have been attending, videotaping and observing City of Greensburg public meetings.

An issue came up at the most recent City Council meeting of Oct. 7 of additional funding for New Directions, the domestic abuse center located here in Greensburg and under the leadership of Director Diane Moore.

There are many Not for Profits (NFP’S) that come to the city of Greensburg for funding.

Here are a list of those NFP’s and the funding they requested from the City of Greensburg at the City Council meetings of Jan. 28, 2013 and Feb. 4, 2013.

Greensburg Schools... amount requested for 2012 $5,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $5,000.00

Sm. Business Center... amount requested for 2012 $5,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $5,000.00

Catch A Ride...amount requested for 2012 $5,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $5,000.00

New Directions...amount requested for 2012 $15,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $20,000.00

Econ. Dev. Corp...amount requested for 2012 $60,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $60,000.00

Learning Center...amount requested for 2012 $15,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $15,000.00

Big Brothers/Big Sisters...amount requested for 2012 $3,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $10,000.00

Main St. G’burg...amount requested for 2012 $30,000.00 / amount requested 2013 $30,000.00

Bread of Life...amount requested for 2012 NONE / amount requested 2013 $20,000.00

Which of the above NFP requests are “wants” for our community and which of these requests are “needs” for our community? Not all of these entities were granted the amounts they requested for 2013. New Directions was one that was not given their request but was told they could come back for it if they found they needed it. Others were given the full amount.

There was one member of the City Council who voiced and voted against giving New Directions the additional funds. I applaud that member of the council for addressing fiscal responsibility. We all know we are in some very tough times and this type of action for fiscal responsibility needs to happen from the bottom to the top of our government.

What I question is not this council member’s call for fiscal responsibility but the prioritizng of these funds in the “need” or “want” categories. I personally would have taken funds from some of the other listed NFP’s that are “wants” and given the full amount to New Directions, the Bread of Life, and Big Brothers / Big Sisters which are both serving some critical “needs” of our community in the current economy.

I do applaud the City Council members for going ahead and voting to give New Directions their additional funding request!

In the lengthy times that I have been observing these meetings and observing the presentations given by the NFP’s in their requests. I don’t believe that anyone has given the detailed accounting of their organization and where these funds are being utilized for the betterment of our community as a whole as has Diane Moore of New Directions. This can be observed in the video and other videos of her presentations at the City Council meetings. She is to be applauded for her passion and detail in helping those in need in our community.

I also would be remiss in not giving kudo’s to our Police Chief Stacy Chasteen for citing the invaluable help that New Directions has been to our police department in dealing with domestic abuse by writing her letter to the editor in support of New Directions that was in the Oct. 8 edition of the Daily News.

Since our City of Greenburg Public meetings no longer allow for public comment or questions on their agenda, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge and to compliment a decision they made to address a “need” in our community during these very tough economic times where fiscal responsibility IS of the greatest importance. I also would like to encourage them in the future to consider prioritizing these NFP requests according to our community “need.”

Jean Johannigman


Just a dog-gone heart warming story

Dear Editor:

It was Thursday in September, and two friends had stopped by for a brief visit.

I walked out on the front porch as they were leaving, and we all spotted this tiny dog walking right down the middle of Montgomery Road. Just as we saw the little thing, a large truck was coming toward Lincoln, put on his brakes, and then about four cars came up behind him. He missed hitting the critter. A car then was driving from Lincoln. I immediately ran out into the road, grabbed the little dog, which was shaking by then. The traffic went on, and my friends left. I held the little one and talked to it. It was very scared. I then called the radio station and they said they would put it on air.

I own pets, and they checked this little girl over carefully and decided she was okay, so she was our guest for the night. The next day, I called the Greensburg-Decatur County Humane Shelter and talked to Michael Wenning. I told him the description and that I would just keep the little girl until someone claimed her. He suggested I might want to bring her by the shelter so they could check for a microchip.

The next day, I was on my way to the shelter, at the same time it turned out Mike was on the phone calling me. As he was talking to my recorder, I drove into the shelter, and he hung up. A lady was standing with Mike name Mattie Ott. She had come to the shelter to find her beloved little Maggie.

Maggie had been gone for the day, and Mattie went looking for her, somehow making it all the way across Lincoln and blocks down on Montgomery. The little girl had walked all the way from her home, probably about four blocks. Mattie returned home, but Maggie wasn’t there; she was my guest.

It was a tearful reunion, with Mattie crying and Maggie hugging close to her mommy. Mike was watching and just happy for the way it all turned out.

Maggie is elderly and just the sweetest little thing, a very nice guest. I could tell that she was someone’s housemate, as her manners were impeccable. So, Maggie and Mattie were reunited. We all hugged.


Diane Kay Byram