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April 8, 2014

Many country drivers speed, ignore stop signs

Dear Editor:

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dear Editor:

It was no April Fool’s Joke when the front page of the Tues., April 1, Rushville Republican revealed the sad fact that yet another teen age driver had come to grief on a country road. Fortunately the young female driver was not seriously injured, nor were her two male youth passengers. The driver did readily admit that she was speeding and had failed to stop for a stop sign.

(Not all that long ago, I submitted the following for publication, but as far as I recall, it was never published. It’s just as timely now as when initially written, so I’m resubmitting it.)

Not long ago, Marilyn and I were driving out to our daughter’s house for a family gathering. As we drove north on 200 East, we noticed that a vehicle approaching from the west was that of Marilyn’s other daughter. We then noticed that the vehicle was driven by Marilyn’s young grandson.

As we continued north, the other vehicle whipped a left turn onto 200 East in front of us, totally ignoring the stop sign.

When we all arrived at our destination about one mile later, I chewed out the young fellow mercilessly for failing to obey the stop sign. He just laughed and said, “Out in the country we never stop for stop signs!”

Ironically, he lives a short way northwest of Osgood, the location of the tragic wreck which killed three teenagers this week. The fatal wreck site is one of those completely open intersections, with unlimited visibility in all directions. It’s one of those really “safe” intersections where accidents should never happen. I’m guessing the grandson referenced above has “blown through” that very same intersection countless times.

It’s so sad that teenagers learn disastrous habits from their elders, many of whom don’t stop at stop signs either.

It is a terrible truth that large numbers of people driving in the country drive in the middle of the road and pay no attention to stop signs.

Had a different mind-set been in play, those teen-agers who lost their lives this week would all be alive today.I ask adult readers: Do you observe stop signs? Do you teach your kids to do so?

I realize that teen-agers often do not follows rules, but it would be a great help if they were to receive proper instruction from their parents.

Best regards and with deep sympathy,

Norm Voiles

Rushville, Indiana