Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

April 17, 2014

Kids should be kids, not criminals

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dear Editor:

The weather was lovely this weekend and our neighbors were all out to play. Well, except for some people from or outside of our neighborhood that broke in and vandalized several cars during the night.

They stole change, pocket knives, rummaged through glove compartments and tried to take out a DVD player. They found a gas can by a garage and poured it out in the grass.

What will happen when school is out and kids have more opportunity to hang out? Will they hone their criminal skills and next time successfully remove a DVD player? Will they next time light gas on fire? Will they decide to start breaking in garages or homes?

I don’t want to hear any of this nonsense that cars should be locked. People get busy and forget to lock their car, but that is not an invitation to steal and vandalize. And I don’t believe in the phrase “kids will be kids.” Natural and logical consequences are a result of good and bad decisions. If they don’t get caught, get help or move, someone is going to get hurt by their criminal behavior. Let’s be clear, breaking in to and vandalizing cars is criminal behavior.

Terri Davis