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May 15, 2014

letter to the editor

Out of the Darkness Campus Walk for Suicide Prevention

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Out of the DarknessCampus Walk for Suicide Prevention

My story begins with a full of life, gorgeous, hard-working individual. She loved gardening, flowers, animals, and birds. Nikkie was my sister-in-law and a very loving mother. She loved to create things and baking. If she would have gotten the chance to see Pinterest, she would have driven all of us crazy with the endless ideas and projects she would do. We would hang out and take our kids to the movies. We would shop; geesh, she loved to shop! Nikkie was a very compassionate person and the “hostest with the mostest.” Nikkie had a family that loved her and a son that adored her.

Every weekend, Nikkie and I met at her office to clean. Nikkie always ran late. She could not be anywhere on time so we agreed if she was not there when I arrived, I would call her. Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011, started out as a beautiful summer day with my regular weekend routine. I wanted to get a head start because my daughter had basketball games that day. I woke up early to start cleaning and brought my son. When I arrived on this particular day, I started cleaning because I knew Nikkie went to Kings Island the night before and would be tired. Time went on, and I kept cleaning. The later it got, I started wondering why she had not arrived yet. I called her cell phone a few times and could not get an answer. I decided to call around to see if anyone had heard from her. No one had, so I decided to drive out to her home, thinking maybe she just over slept and did not hear her phone ringing.

As I drove to Nikkie’s house, I got a phone call. The phone call that changed that beautiful summer day into a sad dreary day that would forever remain in my family’s hearts. The call said Nikkie had passed away. I never went to Nikkie’s house that day.

The next several days I spent planning the funeral. The next several months and the past 3 years have been spent coping with the loss of someone who forever will be missed.

I had to be the one backbone for my family and the shoulder for many tears. Seeing and experiencing the pain my family and I underwent, I realized I did not want another family to have to experience this type of pain. I talked with a friend who directed me to a website to show I was not alone. That is why I started the Greensburg Out of the Darkness Campus Walk for Suicide Prevention.

Kimmie Maxwell