Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

May 27, 2014

Letter to the Editor

Greensburg Daily News

---- — My stay in Memorial Hospital

I am sure you have heard or read stories of how bad things were in the hospital, now I would like to tell you my side.

I was just released after two weeks spent on the third floor with pneumonia. The rooms are private, large and very comfortable with your own bathroom, complete with shower, and a large flat screen TV.

I spent two weeks there and I could not have asked for better care. Every nurse and worker was friendly and efficient. When your nurse goes off duty she bring in the nurse taking over, introduces her, and gives her all the latest news pertaining to your condition. I found this to be very good because now you know who will be taking care of you for the next several hours.

I want to compliment everyone on the third floor for making my stay and my medications easier to take. There is nothing like a smile and a happy hello to get your though the day.

So again, THANK YOU to the third floor and to all the nurses in X-ray, CT scans and any other place you took me to.

Doris Klene