Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

May 30, 2012

Proud of our basketball program

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Dear Editor:

Recently, members of the Greensburg Community High School (GCHS) basketball team received a letter asking permission for our sons to be interviewed by a lawyer from the Office of Civil Rights.

The letter was in reference to a claim that a family has filed stating their son was not granted a fair tryout for the junior varsity or varsity basketball team this past season.

Most of us immediately signed the paper stating our sons would not be involved in any way. In fact, many of us were blind-sided by the claim, because we assumed this past season was quite successful and an enormous amount of fun for the boys, the coaches and for the community.

Throughout the season, the topic of conversation around town was the most-recently-played game or the upcoming opponent. People were constantly replaying a big play, or speculating what needed to happen for our boys to win the next game.

The boys and the coaches were being promoted for their performances and their record. There was excitement in the air! The team went undefeated for the season, which certainly means someone in charge was doing something correct.

Moreover, our team handled the success with grace and represented Greensburg in a proud way. This was evidenced by the large crowds that supported the boys and coaches each week.

Being a coach at any level is difficult, but coaching basketball is one of the toughest, because everyone in the stands is a Òbasketball coachÓ as well, and they loudly express their opinions. During the game, spectators have all the answers; when that final buzzer sounds, if we win, it's because our boys did well.

Conversely, if we lose, who's the first one we blame? We blame the coaches! This holds true in Greensburg, and in society. All of us, at one time or another, have disagreed with coaching decisions. Our kids, too, have come home discouraged from practices or games. As parents, we all feel our child should be the star and should receive the maximum amount of playing time.

When a child is privileged to be a member of a school athletic team, however, parents don't pick the team! The players, as well as the parents, are aware of this before any tryout or practice occurs. This isn't a new concept in school athletics. If parents are going to choose teams, why hire coaches?

Our coaches and players have forged a team at GCHS of which we should be proud. Those involved in the program represent themselves with pride, respect, discipline and a love for the game. This representation is expected from our players and we, as parents, are glad it is.

We're proud of the job our coaches did this season, and we're proud they helped provide our sons with an unforgettable season of accomplishment. It takes a village to raise children, and Greensburg's lucky to have a coaching staff that cares about our kids on and off the court. We, as parents, thank you for the job you've done and continue to do.


John and June Rigney, John and Deborah Sellers, Pete and Lisa Tressler, Tim and Teresa Buell, Tom and Jenni Welage, Doug and Cindy Burcham, Rob and Karla Billieu, Shelly and Scott McIntosh, Mark and Jane Burkert, Jeff and Connie Lawrence, Kevin Fleetwood and Paula Sibbett, Greg Beaver and Christy Beaver, Eddy and Ronda Lee, John and Lori Wilson