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August 20, 2013

A good and honest record

Dear Editor:

The attacks by Hershel Houk, Christine Townsend and Jean Johannigman were unwarranted and uncalled for.

Hershel Houk owes a lot of people an apology. He is not a property owner. His rent pays very little toward all the city services he receives. He owes Mayor Gary Herbert and 100 or so people a public apology for making them appear foolish by signing his petition.

The person I don’t understand is Christine Townsend. She stated (in a letter to the Daily News editor) that she lives in Fairfax, Va. The taxes there were about the same as Greensburg.

Her water bill here is double and her income tax is higher here. My question is this: You don’t like our mayor, the water bills are too much and our state taxes are higher than in Fairfax – So why are you here? Did you have a bad day, or did you just make a bad choice?

As for the third person, Jean Johannigman, it is easy to understand her attacks on Mayor Gary Herbert. First of all, Johannigman doesn’t agree with anyone. Her editorials that have been published in The Daily News for years have proven this fact. Secondly, she must want Mayor Herbert’s job, otherwise she wouldn’t spend so much time attacking him and his policies. It won’t happen. You can’t put a big picture of a politician on the front door of your business and expect to draw people into your store. You can’t mix business, politics and religion.

These are private subjects, and you have to respect other people’s choices. You have switched political parties. Where do you go from here? There aren’t many choices left.

Mayor Gary Herbert has a good and honest record. The Democrats asked him to run for an office on their ticket. He did and he won. He then ran for mayor on the Republican ticket. He did, and he won by a good-sized margin. None of us are perfect, but I think Mayor Herbert has tried hard. His election success has told me the people of Greensburg are satisfied with his performance, but you can’t satisfy everyone.

A taxpayer and property owner,

K.B. Redelman


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