Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

July 9, 2013

Ripley County DCS offers thanks for Superheroes Picnic help

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dear Editor:

The Ripley County Department of Child Services would like to thank the many businesses and organizations across Decatur County that gave generously of products and services so we could host the annual Superheroes Picnic last month.

The picnic was held in honor of our local foster families that generously open their homes and hearts to provide nurturing, safe and stable homes for children who can no longer be in their own homes due to the risk of abuse or neglect.

Foster parents’ duties include participating in child and family team or case plan meetings, supporting case plan goals, participating in court hearings, providing for the child’s basic needs (e.g. food, clothing and shelter), maintaining confidentiality, supporting approved visitation plans, and supporting the child’s positive identification with his or her family of origin. Oftentimes, foster parents must work with children who have experienced extreme trauma, have behavioral issues, or have mental or physical disabilities. Foster parents must adapt and practice patience, while loving and nurturing the children in their care.

Caring for abused and neglected children is a community obligation. Foster parents are most successful when they are supported by both the foster parent community and the communities in which they live. Local communities provide ongoing recruitment of foster parents, and they have the opportunity to provide professional, financial and moral support for

current foster parents. The Decatur County community demonstrated tremendous support for local foster parents by ensuring the Superheroes Picnic was a great success.

With the support of local businesses and the community, the Decatur County community showed foster parents how much they are appreciated. Many generous gifts were donated, and were used as door prizes for foster parents. Each foster parent received a gift. Decatur County’s local businesses showed foster parents that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

As of April 2013, Indiana hosted 13,495 children in need of services. Seventy percent of children in DCS care required removal from the home, and nearly 35 percent of those children were placed with foster parents. The support of foster parents, businesses and communities throughout Indiana save and improve children’s lives. Thank you to all of Decatur County’s

businesses and communities for supporting Indiana children in need.


Michelle R. Smith, M.S.

Supervisor/Local Office Director