Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

July 9, 2013

Questions about Veterans' Way

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Dear Editor:

I am responding to the outrageous claim made by our mayor, that he has had no one object to his wants of installing a road.

The road is Veterans’ Way. I think it is only two and a half miles long? I am now objecting in the paper.

Questions: Why do we need this road? Does it cost $13 million or $23 million. Do you have all of the right of ways, already? Who is in charge of all of this money?

Also, I am out collecting signatures for a petition to get a vote on the mayor’s proposed Cumulative Cap Development tax. The mayor wants to double all real estate and personal property – on all of us.

Call me, e-mail me, facebook me or just drop by. I am easy to find. I live on the corner of East Main and West Street.

Hershel Houk,