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April 3, 2014

Good dancers float across the floor

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Good dancers float across the floor

Here I am, drinking that cup of coffee again and remembering my wife Peggy. I loved to dance and when we danced, we blended together. My daughter and I have some of that, but Annie is a different generation.

I remember when we would go to dance at the Eagles. One lady stood out in my mind. It was Gay Lacy, Rolland Lacy’s wife. I just danced with her a few times, but she was like dancing with a cloud. Whatever you did, she was with you.

I hadn’t danced in 35 years. My daughter has me dancing again, but I am going to the Eagles again and the ladies I dance with are all different and good dancers. The lady from Aurora is a good dancer. She likes to line dance. I got to learn that.

One lady, I have to ask her husband, but I had better ask her first, good dancer. There is one blonde haired lady from Adams. I know her parents. When we go out to dance, we are going to kick the door down. And Bennie’s wife, she has been through a lot and is still dancing. I love that lady.

The one I wanted to talk about is Cindy. We get to dance maybe one or two times a night. We are learning to dance with each other. She has that quality of Gay Lacy, she floats. She is learning. She is one of those ladies you would like to ballroom dance with. There are more, but I need to wrap this up.

“Here’s to the ladies.”

Ralph Ziegler


The crime is more important than the weapon

I felt it necessary to respond to Norm Voiles’s letter regarding the accidental firearm killing of a Greensburg youth and the subsequent points raised by the writer.

Mr. Voiles quickly turns his attention from the incident itself to the firearm used - an M4 rifle. He asks why did the man own such a weapon? Answer: Because it is legal to own, and what was its purpose? Answer: None of your business.

While Mr. Voiles claims not to be a gun hater, his bias against “ugly military-style weapons” is on full display. I have many friends who collect military weapons (including “black” rifles) and admire the military history they represent. None of them is planning to bring down the government.

Sadly, the Greensburg incident and others like it happen too often. To think that the style of weapon involved is a more important topic than the criminal negligence of the owner is preposterous.

Ronald Hassler,