Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

January 28, 2014

Help out and lend an ear

Greensburg Daily News

---- — To the Editor:

This is something I have no training in and I may be off base on this subject, but these are my feelings on this. I am talking about people who get hurt. It’s not the physical hurt as much as it is the mental.

Most people, when they get hurt, they react. They get mad and get it off their chest, but there are people who can’t do this; it’s not who they are. They keep it inside and they begin to withdraw. They can’t get friendly with anyone. They have people they talk to, but they have been hurt and they can’t get close to people.

People who have been hurt a lot tend not to trust anyone and often begin to hate everyone. I feel for these people. They need someone to trust, to talk to, to get mad and spit it out and get it off their minds.

To the people who listen, it may seem silly, but you don’t make comments; you listen and try to understand what they have been through and let them know you are there for them. You don’t judge and you don’t tell anyone else what you’ve heard. If you do, you’ll just hurt the person again.

As we get older, compassion, patience and understanding really comes with it. Things that were in the back of your mind begin to come forward and you want to discuss it or write it down.

Ralph Ziegler


Under scrutiny

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to Indiana’s elected representatives.

I do not consider myself a “political activist” by any means, but I am so offended by the ongoing “tyranny” of the liberal agenda that I feel impelled to protest publicly.

Regarding HJR-3, the same sex marriage amendment, once more the House vote on this bill has been postponed.

Please, don’t cave in to the liberal materialistic pressure!

Has it not occurred to the power brokers that much desirable talent might be attracted to a state endorsing morality?

At least give the good people of Indiana an opportunity to vote their consciences. We’re under scrutiny right now.

Thank you,

Margie A. Kohlmeier

Decatur County