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September 4, 2012

Water supply an issue in airport expansion

Greensburg — Dear Editor,

We keep hearing about all the "economic development" that will result from this airport expansion.

The proponents who are "selling" this idea have no return on investment analysis to prove or disprove this statement. Where are the statistics to support this feel good statement?

As always seems to be the case in our community we once again have the cart before the horse.

In light of an article recently published in the Daily News (which I will quote below), I must ask, who are we building this airport for?

Economic Development does not take place in a vacuum. Decatur County, and more specifically, the City of Greensburg will either not

experience economic development or will hurt themselves and the people of this community in the process.  Why? Because there are basic "needs" that are required of economic development that are not in place in our community.

I am specifically talking about our water supply which I have been sounding the bell on for some time.

Why do we need this airport and who are we building it for if we cannot supply the water for that economic development?

Here now is that quote from the front page of the Aug. 31 edition of the Daily News:

"Questions from the DCRC (Decatur County Redevelopment Commission) board led to discussion of water supply strain if there is further economic development.

Wetzel confirmed that a dwindling number of factories in Decatur County have significantly relieved water demand.

He said 37 people have reported their wells running dry because of the drought, and he suspects factory development will create more water shortages.

Wetzel said the Rural Water Corp. is searching for another source in eastern Bartholomew County out of concern for the steadily increasing

population, plans to finish expansion, and potential factory development.

Currently, water is taken from the Flat Rock River, the Greensburg

Reservoir and six wells."

This expenditure for this expansion and our ability to support it after it is built needs to be seriously questioned, especially in this economy, and statistics need to be provided to either prove or disprove this point of need.

With sincere concern for our community, I ask everyone to write to the following two gentlemen in protest of this airport expansion at the current site:

Mr. Aaron Davenport, Butler, Fairman and Seufert, Inc., 8450 Westfield Boulevard, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46240 ( and Bobb Beauchamp, C/O FAA, 2300 E. Devon Ave, Suite 320, Des Plaines, IL 60018 (

Our community does not need to be further burdened, and statistics prove that 75 percent of these airports fail and fall back on the taxpayers for support.  I am just guessing on this part, but with the above quote about our water supply, I am drawing the conclusion that our chance of this project not supporting itself are higher than the normal 75 percent failure rate.


Jean Johannigman

Concerned Citizens of Decatur County


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