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June 29, 2013

Officer says only option was to shoot K-9 partner

Greensburg Daily News

---- — HANCEVILLE, Ala. — A K-9 police officer said he had no other option than to shoot his canine companion after the dog attacked him.

Officer Anthony Childress, a member of the Hanceville Police Department, was in a city park recently training Ichi Bon, a Belgian Malinois, when the dog attacked him. Childress was hospitalized and underwent surgery after he shot and killed the canine.

“I do not think he thought he was biting me, I think he was just going through emotions, training and using his instincts, it was a tragic accident,” Childress said. “I loved him. He was my partner and my best friend.”

After biting his leg and causing him to fall, Childress said the dog circled around him and attacked his head.

“I trusted my dog with my life all the way up until the end,” Childress said.

Childress said when traveling through crowds, Ichi Bon would have a muzzle on because he sees the world differently than humans.

“He was a working dog and sometimes if someone hugged me or shook my hand, he would interpret it the wrong way,” Childress said. “I had a friend of mine pat me on the back and he was barking from the car and I had to console him and tell him I was okay.”

Details for this story were provided by The Cullman (Ala.) Times.

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