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June 29, 2013

Robbins concludes first week as Foundation director

By Rob Cox Greensburg Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG — On June 24, Bryan Robbins, the new director of the Hospital Foundation of Decatur County, began his first day and first full week on the job.

Robbins spoke briefly with the Daily News Friday morning and talked about his first week, his thoughts on the Foundation’s mission and his expectations moving forward.

“It’s been a hectic week,” he said. “It’s been exciting and satisfying, too. Everybody’s been unbelievably nice and welcoming and has gone out of their way to make me feel at home.”

Robbins looks forward to getting out and introducing himself to the community, but first, he’ll be in orientation for about a month.

Considering the Foundation’s mission and its close relationship with the hospital, Robbins said he’s glad for the chance to get acquainted with DCMH before moving out into the community.

“We coordinate with the hospital as much as possible,” he said. “We’re here to advance and improve the hospital’s services to the community as much as possible and to improve healthcare in Decatur County.”

He continued, “My job is to understand how the Foundation fits with the hospital’s strategy, and to work closely with DCMH in implementing that strategy. The Foundation allows DCMH to go beyond the limits of its budget and go the extra mile for the community.”

To those ends, in addition to beginning orientation, Robbins has spent the week meeting various DCMH personnel and department heads.

“DCMH is a tremendous employer for the community,” he said. “It employees roughly 500 people, and the Foundation intersects and interacts with each of their various departments. It takes time to meet everyone and understand what role the Foundation plays in each department and how that fits into DCMH’s overall strategy.”

Robbins has already begun thinking about his goals and the people he’d like to reach out to once he starts ranging into the community.

“We’ll be reaching out to longtime supporters, of course,” he said, “but I’d like to reach out to people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who are currently living in the community or who might be considering a move here. I want to know how they view the hospital and get to understand how their impressions impact their overall view of the community.”

“A hospital isn’t just about providing healthcare,” he continued. “Being such a large employer, DCMH is also an important part of the local economy. The quality of healthcare we provide and the image we convey – both can be crucial in attracting new businesses and new individuals to move to the area. Companies want to know: ‘How good is the healthcare in this area where we’re thinking about locating? What can we offer our employees?’ Individuals considering a move to Decatur County want to know: ‘How good is the healthcare here? How good are the doctors who’ll care for my kids; how good are the facilities and the equipment available to those doctors?’ There’s no question in my mind that we have top-notch doctors and facilities at DCMH, and we want to get the word out about that.”

Robbins further called DCMH “a main pillar of our community’s quality of life,” and stressed that it’s important for the hospital to remain part of the “community dynamic.”

The Foundation’s previous director, DCMH VP of Operations David Fry, did a great job of helping DCMH promote wellness projects in the community, Robbins added.

“In David, I’ve got some crater-sized shoes to fill,” he said. “But I’m excited to be part of helping continue and build on what he started.”

Fry has been no stranger as Robbins learns the ropes, and Robbins said he’s grateful to have the previous director’s guidance.

“I’ve been seeing David daily,” he said. “There’s a path worn between his office and mine.”

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