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February 22, 2014

Ceremony honors babies lost to abortion

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – Roughly 90 people gathered on the steps of the Decatur County Courthouse Wednesday to honor and remember all the unborn lives lost to abortion.

The candlelight ceremony was originally scheduled for Jan. 22, to correspond with the landmark Roe vs Wade court decision, but extreme cold necessitated a change of date. The weather was still chilly, but that didn’t stop pro-lifers from gathering to cry out against the Supreme Court decision that has caused friction between Americans for decades.

“The turnout was pretty good, though it wasn’t a record. We had to change the date and that may have kept some people form coming,” said Bob Rust, president of Decatur County Right to Life.

Those in attendance left no doubt about their feelings on the issue, openly calling for an end to abortion. After the initial opening prayer and welcome, Lisa Tressler welcomed everyone and introduced Rebecca Harpring, an abortion clinic sidewalk councilor who gave the keynote address.

Harpring spoke about the need to help mothers struggling with thoughts of abortion, as well as the need to save the unborn. “Sometimes we get so intent on saving the babies that we forget about helping the mothers. I realized I could not go into the room only trying to save the baby and, in the process, ignore or forget the needs and feelings of the mother,” Harpring said. “Only the mother can save the child. I need to assist her in order for her to be able to do that.”

Though many who help at abortion clinics and pregnancy care centers may feel they don’t make much of an impact, Harpring insists that is far from the truth. “Even though the person may leave without any indication of changing, through you, God fans a little flame you started,” she said.

Harpring also spoke about doing more than enabling struggling mothers for the short term. She emphasized the need to empower them to make good decisions in order to care for their children for the long term. There are many ways to help and Harpring said every effort makes a difference. She spoke about several ways pro-lifers could help, calling each method an individual’s “little candle.”

“Everyone has their candles; keep yours burning, regardless of the many shapes, sizes and forms those candles may come in. Together, many little candles do make a great light, and you do make a difference,” Harpring said. “Because of what you do, there are children alive in this world who almost didn’t get a chance to be born.”

Harpring listed several statistics that showed the reduction in abortions in Indiana and across the country, concluding her speech by illustrating the difference pro-lifers are making in the lives of struggling parents and unborn children.

Tressler thanked Harpring for her message and implored the gathered crowd to “Please find your candle and let it light our world.”

The ceremony concluded with those gathered placing roses in an infant casket while a local musician played Taps to honor the unborn that were never given a chance at life.

“The ceremony was to honor the little babies who were killed. However, we are very aware that we need to support the mothers as well,” Rust told the Daily News. “On behalf of the babies who have died, we want to thank the people that came to honor them.”

Anyone interested in joining Decatur County Right to Life should contact Bob Rust at 812-662-6367.

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