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February 25, 2014

Pirate J.H. grapplers win two matches

By Nick Gonnella Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — The Greensburg junior high wrestling team captured a victory in competition against the Indians of Milan Middle School, Thursday, Feb. 13.

While defeating the Indians 84-30, the Pirates earned ten wins by pin/fall and four by forfeit. After a slow start, with Milan leading 24-12 in team scoring after the 100 pound match, the Pirates took 11 straight matches with seven wins by pin/fall and four via forfeit.

At 75 pounds, Milan’s Shane Lonneman beat Greensburg sixth grader Avery Moore by pin in one minute, 24 seconds.

Greensburg sixth grader Jacob Evans at 80 pounds pinned Milan’s Cooper Barker in 1:36.

Milan’s Coleman Turner at 85 pounds pinned Greensburg sixth grader in 2:41.

Milan’s Zack Wilburn (90 pounds) pinned Greensburg eighth grader Augustus Gregory in 1:40.

Greensburg eighth grader Kyle Stark (95) pinned Casey Burdette in 1:40.

Milan’s Terra Steele (100) pinned Greensburg sixth grader Blake Tressler in 1:52.

Greensburg eighth grader Lane Wells (105) pinned Chris Hawke in 46 seconds.

Greensburg eighth grader Curtis Collins (110) pinned Brad Wickersham in 2:43.

Greensburg eighth grader Cody Bischoff (115) pinned Jacob Rohrig in 1:09.

Greensburg eighth grader Kevin Romero (120) pinned Clayde Aschermann in 28 seconds.

Winning by forfeit were Greensburg eighth grader Nathan Deiwert (125) and seventh grader Evan Beard (130).

The match at 135 pounds was a double forfeit.

Greensburg eighth grader Chase Springmeyer (140) pinned Bryer Franklin in 16 seconds.

Greensburg eighth grader Ty Hall (145) pinned Conner Miles in 44 seconds.

Winning by forfeit were Greensburg eighth graders Lucas Burton (155) and Jestin Hunter (165).

Greensburg eighth grader Skylar Cordray (180) pinned John Rohrig in 47 seconds.

Milan’s Eric Spears (220) pinned Greensburg seventh grader Kal’el Dickson in 54 seconds.

At heavyweight, Greensburg seventh grader DJ Koors pinned Nathaniel Spears in 41 seconds.

Last Tuesday, the Greensburg junior high Pirates were victorious in their competition against Connersville Middle School. While defeating Connersville 83-27, the Pirates earned 10 wins by pin/fall, one by decision, two by major decision, and two by forfeit.

The Pirates dominated the match from the start, leading 52-6 after the 120 pound match.

Wrestlers winning by forfeit were sixth graders Avery Moore (75) and Jonah Chase (95).

Sixth grader Jacob Evans (80) beat Connersville’s Ethan Harris in a 17-4 major decision.

The following Greensburg eighth graders won by pin: Kyle Stark (90) over Armon Angeles in 1:13; Lane Wells (105) over Tucker Thompson in 1:45; Cody Bischoff (110) over Quinten Moore in 1:20; Curtis Collins (115) over Aaron Gettinger in 1:59; Ty Hall (145) over James Isaacs in 1:39; Lucas Burton (165) over Clayton Fox in 0:58; Skylar Cordray (180) over Charlie Barker in 0:31.

Seventh grader Vincent Pavy (120) pinned Walker Lanning in 2:15. Seventh grader DJ Koors (heavyweight) pinned Joe Merida in 0:49.

Sixth grader Eric Lowe (85) pinned Tristan Lainhert in 1:10.

Eighth grader Chase Springmeyer (140) beat Dalton Light in a 7-0 decision.

Eighth grader Jestin Hunter (155) beat Chance Martinez in a 9-0 major decision.

Seventh grader Michael Ruble (100) was pinned by Jacob Redd in 1:03. Eighth grader Nathan Deiwert (125) was pinned by Jordan Isaacs in 1:10. Eighth grader Kevin Romero (130) was pinned by Zach Boyd in 1:35. Eighth grader Branson Schonfeld (135) fell to Chuck Baylor by a 12-11 decision.

Connersville’s Dillon Rohn (220) won by forfeit.

Greensburg’s next competitions are scheduled for tonight, Wednesday at Seymour at 5:30 p.m., and Thursday at home against Switzerland County at 5:30.

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