Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

October 11, 2012

Local philanthropic sorority to host “Vera Bradley” Bingo night

Rob Cox
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg —  On Oct. 18, Greensburg’s Delta Theta Tau Sorority will host its Second Annual Vera Bradley Bingo.

According to longtime Delta Theta member and group Historian Nettie VanArsdall, the event will be hosted at the Eagles Club, located at 920 East Main Street.

“We’ll start Bingo at 6:30,” VanArsdall said. “But the doors open at 5:30. That gives the players a chance to look over the purses and to chit chat. Plus, last-minute registrants can get signed up.”

VanArsdall added that participants are best advised to sign up in advance.

“Advance tickets are $20,” she explained. “Tickets at the door cost $30.”

According to VanArsdall, the event will include complimentary chips and pretzels at each table, as well as sandwiches, cookies and cold drinks for sale.

There will also be a purse raffle, VanArsdall added.

“We’ll be raffling six purses,” she explained. “Each raffle purse has a theme and is filled with goodies related to that theme.”

In example, the veteran sorority member said a Christmas-themed purse and a “Wine & Cheese” themed purse would be among the six raffled items.

“We haven’t targeted any specific group or cause with our Bingo benefit," VanArsdall said, "but all the proceeds from everything we do go back into this community, 100 percent. We donate and buy things for schools and various other community endeavors. Basically, anybody in our community who calls Delta Theta Tau Sorority with a need can get help.”

To purchase advance tickets to Delta Theta Tau Sorority’s Second Annual Vera Bradley Bingo Night, call Nettie VanArsdall at 662-5512 or Kathy Moore at 663-8080.


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