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March 19, 2013

Men arrested after methamphetamine, marijuana found in home

Rob Cox
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Two Westport men are currently housed at the Decatur County jail following their arrest Monday evening in a joint operation by the Greensburg Police Department, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department and the Westport Town Marshal’s Office.

According to court documents, Craig B. Clarkson, 28, of 878 West Washington Street, Westport, was charged with Dealing in Methamphetamine (Class B Felony), Possession of Methamphetamine (Class C Felony) and Possession of Marijuana (Class D Felony).

Robert Corbin, 37, was charged with Neglect of a Dependent (Class D Felony) and Visiting a Common Nuisance (Class B Misdemeanor).

According to a police report filed in Decatur County Superior Court, police served a warrant at the West Washington residence Monday night. Clarkson and Corbin were both inside, as was Corbin’s two-year-old child.

Clarkson and Corbin were taken into custody while police searched the home, and the two-year old was placed into police custody.

According to the report, as police conducted their search, Clarkson allegedly admitted to them that there was methamphetamine inside the residence; he also told them where to find it. The report further alleges that Clarkson also admitted that methamphetamine had been produced on the premises.

Police located said methamphetamine where Clarkson had directed them. They also noted strong chemical smells commonly associated with methamphetamine production inside the residence’s garage, leading them to clear the premises and summon the Indiana State Police Clandestine Lab Team.

According to the report, Corbin’s child complained of stomach pain, leading police to suspect the two-year old might have been exposed to hazardous chemicals used in methamphetamine production. Police subsequently transported the child to Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

After the Lab Team determined the smells were leftover from previous methamphetamine production, police continued their search, locating further quantities of methamphetamine, as well as various drug paraphernalia and items used in methamphetamine production. The search also uncovered an “indoor marijuana grow,” and various items used in the cultivation of marijuana.

In his interview with police, after being advised of his rights, Clarkson allegedly admitted he’d assisted a third suspect with producing methamphetamine inside the residence and that he’d used both methamphetamine and marijuana multiple times in the home. He further allegedly acknowledged that was aware marijuana was being grown inside the home, but claimed that it belonged to a fourth suspect.  

In his interview with police, Corbin, after being advised of his rights, also acknowledged using methamphetamine inside the residence, where, he stated, he’d been living with his child for two weeks. The report also alleges that Corbin stated he knew methamphetamine was being produced on the premises and that he understood he was endangering his child by staying in a place where said production occurred.

Clarkson is currently being held without bail, while Corbin has yet to post a $755 cash bond.

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