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December 24, 2013

Santa's Cause for Christmas delivering cheer

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – New Breed’s Santa’s Cause for Christmas may only be helping a few families this year, but they have spent most of 2013 preparing for the years to come.

Many may remember the ill-fated Santa’s Cause from years past. A Grinch decided to steal money that was intended to buy Christmas gifts for Decatur County children. After that, the charitable cause was disbanded – until now.

The Daily News spoke with New Breed Founder Robert Dewhurst and Vice President Wayne Maple to learn more about what the bikers of the charitable organization have been planning.

“We are keeping our promise to the people of Decatur County to restart Santa’s Cause,” Dewhurst said.

He added that New Breed wants the community to know what New Breed is doing and why they’re doing it. He said that in addition to the charity rides the group does for specific reasons, all other fundraising efforts have been going toward getting New Breed’s 501-C3 tax exempt non-profit status.

Maple said having the non-profit status will set New Breed up as a legitimate charity and will allow them to be eligible for more and larger donations. After the cost of filing for tax-exemption, New Breed decided to use all leftover money to restart Santa’s Cause on a smaller scale this year. Next year, Dewhurst said the group’s goal is to raise $15,000 to use for presents.

Saturday and Sunday, the bikers of New Breed delivered gifts and clothing to two or three families in Decatur County, dropping off a healthy dose of Christmas cheer along with packages for six-to-ten children.

Dewhurst and Maple agreed that New Breed just wants to help people and are hoping others will know that help is available. Bikers often get a bad reputation based on the actions of a few individuals and New Breed seeks to change that. In fact, even the club’s name reflects their desire to be different.

“We’re a new breed of biker,” Dewhurst said.

New Breed’s Santa’s Cause for Christmas will be the club’s chief fundraiser for the entire year of 2014. Maple stated that, while this year’s Santa’s Cause may be relatively small, next year, they plan to go all out and hold nothing back.

“All Decatur County has Cheer Fund, and the need is greater than that,” Dewhurst said. “We just want to help out.”

This year, the families selected to receive gifts were mostly through word of mouth, but Maple said they will have a formal application next year. Guidelines for approval have not been established yet, but they will be publicized next year when applications are available.

“We’re real sincere about helping Decatur County with our toy drive and taking some of the weight off Cheer Fund,” Maple said. “Stay tuned for 2014.”

Among the activities planned for next year’s fundraising are numerous motorcycle rides, concerts, raffles and a variety of charity events. New Breed’s founder and vice president said there will be plenty of opportunities to donate and help the kids of Decatur County. They said other clubs have also reached out to New Breed, wanting to get involved with Santa’s Cause for Christmas.

Now that the leg work is out of the way and New Breed will shortly be classified as a not-for-profit entity, all that remains is to collect donations and make big plans for the holiday season of 2014.

All those interested in learning more about New Breed and the planned rides and events should like their Facebook page and visit the group’s website,, for more information.

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